One promise Obama has kept: “I’ll change America’s image around the world”

Yes I can

Yes I can

Of course, his supporters didn’t interpret that to mean he’d make us look like clowns.

Mission accomplished; heck of a job, Barry..

Assad’s 11-year-old son mocks Obama on Facebook : “bring it on!”


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5 responses to “One promise Obama has kept: “I’ll change America’s image around the world”

  1. TheWizard

    The media perception has always been that Obama is the rational, educated thinker and “cowboy” George Bush the bumbling ne’er do well oaf.

    A quick perusal of their respective resumes shows quite the opposite, and now the reality is manifesting itself.

    I am pleased.

  2. Babylon Sister

    Like most kids that age, they are merely parroting what they heard at the dinner table. It’s probably safe to conclude that–even behind closed doors– his daddy doesn’t seem the least bit intimidated by Obama’s empty ultimatums and hee-hawing.

    Whatever happened to “Peach through Strength”? It seems “Peace through Apologetic Paper-Tigerism” is no longer working for this administration.

  3. Cobra

    Hence his Kenyan birth name, “Obozo.”

  4. Anonymous

    If Mitt Romney had been elected I wonder how he would be handling the Syria situation today.

    • TheWizard

      That’s a good question, and somebody should ask him.

      If he hadn’t been demonized as a greed infatuated corporate raider who has disdain for the poor, more people might value his opinion.