Probably because she’s being counseled by Fudrucker and Ramadamadingdong

You're absolutely right

You’re absolutely right

Telegraph: Why is Hillary Clinton so quiet on Syria? Duck and cover, then ascend to the throne, untouched. Samparna Ramadingdong Tamm won’t say peep about racial redistricting in Greenwich schools (or anything at all about education), doubtless on Boss Fudrucker’s advice, because all she has to to is hide until November. Similarly, what has Clinton to gain if she breaks her silence now? Someone might remember that she’d been Secretary of State not so very long ago, and helped place us where we are now.


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4 responses to “Probably because she’s being counseled by Fudrucker and Ramadamadingdong

  1. AJ

    Bob Hope speaks out on Democrars:

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Worst part is that the evil witch is gonna coast on this one. Kerry’s going to run too in ’16. Can’t wait for the flashing of claws and the gnashing of fangs in that primary fight. My bet, she’ll tear Johnny’s throat out.

  3. Almost interesting photo, where are they International Cuckold (gender neutral of course) Convention ?
    A 3D example of “Transparency” ?
    Asking where is Syria ?
    A dignified finger giving ?
    Wait ’til I am elected and we …..?