Syrian missile crisis: eye to eye with himself in the mirror, Obama just blinked

I give, I give!

I give, I give!

Will go to Congress for strike approval. 

He just lost to himself in a one-man arm wrestling contest. The man’s an embarrassment to the Republic.


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27 responses to “Syrian missile crisis: eye to eye with himself in the mirror, Obama just blinked

  1. Anonymous

    What do you think he should do? Do you agree with the decision to seek approval from Congress?

    • What I don’t think he should do is declare a line in the sand, thereby boxing himself in, then, when that line is crossed announcing that he’s going into Syria with or without UN and NATO support, declare the right to proceed without approval from Congress, criticize Britain’s Prime Minister for failing to gain approval from Parliament, restate his intention to proceed without Congress and then back down and submit the question of war to them after all. There’s an excellent chance that, like Cameron, he’ll be turned down, in which case he will look exactly like the man he ridiculed yesterday, there will be no missile strike, and we’ll be right back where we were last year except that now, the threat will have been made and his impotence revealed.

      What he should do – should have done – is kept his mouth closed. It’s too late for that now, so the best we can hope for is that Congress will indeed deny him authority to go to war, he can go golfing instead, and pray for something to come up that will distract the world’s attention. I’m sure he’d welcome a meteorite strike, at this point.

      • Anonymous2

        Sounds like things are working out perfectly.

      • AJ

        I would suspect he’s praying for a hurricane so that he can go back to ranting about how carbon dioxide is a pollutant, and that the sea will rise three feet by the end of the century, and we that we need to spend billions more on alternate energy — always a good filler until something better comes along.

  2. CatoRenasci

    I don’t so much care he’s an embarrassment to the republic, he’s a danger to the republic!

  3. Mazama

    UK Telegraph headline:

    “Barack Obama is proving an embarrassing amateur on the world stage compared to George W. Bush”

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    Barry is amateurish, inept, moronic, indecisive, and in WAY over his head. He is clueless. He is standing there with his dick in the wind. His only support is from the cheese eating surrender monkeys? WHAT A JOKE THIS GUY IS!!! And he is making our Nation a joke.

    Congress is not back until September 9th. So now he has all these warships in the Gulf just sitting there? Waiting on Congress? And what if Congress says no? WHICH THEY SHOULD!!! THEN WHAT?

    Barry stomps his feet and throws a little hissy fit? It’s a civil war. Stay out of it, and let the towel heads blow each other up. And do you really care if you get offed by chemical weapons or a drone? To me it’s the same thing. Who cares how they kill each other?

    He should go play golf. He causes less damage when he does. Putin must be rolling on the floor. And when did Lurch get appointed Secretary of State? That guy is a total Bozo as well. Incompetence from top to bottom.

    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous2

    Seems he wants his cake and to eat it too. So he goes ahead and says he wants to be the glorious warrior, even though he knows it’ll finish him. Solution: punt to Congress. They, if they want to stay employed, will vote “Nyet” . That way he can whine that he wanted to be glorious, but those obstructionists just won’t let him. Boo-hoo. Of course no one in the Goebbels media will ever ask why, when every time before he’s gone around Congress, he didn’t this time.

  6. why does he sound like he’s talking to third-graders?

    why does Joe Biden look like Donald Trump’s less intelligent (not saying a lot) brother?

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Errrr, Have I mentioned that he’s a SCoaMF?

  8. EPA has issued 3,000 new punishable as crimes “Regulations” without Congressional approval.
    Next years’ election BIG DEAL.
    He only goes to Congress to fail so he can blame…..

    • burningmadolf

      I was thinking along these lines (Congress/someone else blame game) too, that and the fact that the guy is way over his head and should realize that he is being tooled and schooled by the parties that want to drag us into a no win situation.

  9. What happened to “the brightest boy in the class; smartest we’ve seen in years”?

    • Never confuse clean, articulate non-threatingly cafe au lait with intelligent. Perhaps liberals will learn by this, but I doubt it; they’ll just wring their hands and ask themselves how they could have helped him to succeed.
      Then they’ll elect Corey Booker as a twofer, black AND gay! Oh joy.

  10. Chimney

    I think it is a tactical stroke of genius for Obummer, who didn’t want to do anything in the first place- he virtually guarantees that end result by sending it to Congress for debate! Can you imagine how many years it will be before that dysfunctional gang agrees on anything?

    • Ghost of the FAR Czar

      Agreed – when the House won’t vote for it (hard to imagine but I foresee a Pelosi/Tea Party led coalition here), the President can say “gee, I wanted to back up all of my line crossing rhetoric, but they wouldn’t let me” and he has his out. Maybe even another Nobel peace prize.

    • wow! i think that is the most serious Onion piece i’ve ever seen and nothing at all to laugh at.

      • EOSredux

        You did catch that the piece was “written by Assad”, right?

        But yes, serious in that is exactly what Assad is thinking, serious that he has China and Russia in his back pocket, serious that he could strike down USA war ships in a blink of an eye. Assad is capable of anything, but we don’t need to worry, Obama played golf with Biden this afternoon, straightening our foreign policy out. You can sleep well tonight.

        • yes, i saw that, but, i figured Assad may not fully grasp english idioms well enough to actually write that.

          i think Assad has already done the most damage by weathering the storm in his country and exposing the empty rhetoric of this administration. foreign policy? more like a grab bag of wishful thinking from people too lazy to fathom the concept of unintended consequences.