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For ’tis the sport to have the engineer hoist with his own petard

This'll larn 'em!

This’ll larn ’em!

Head over heels in Albany County

A New York man died after being nearly decapitated by a booby trap he set to protect marijuana plants on his property.

Daniel R. Ricketts, 50, who owns property and a residence on Saw Mill Road in Albany County, was identified as the victim on Sunday, the Times Union reports.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said Ricketts was driving an ATV on his property on Saturday afternoon when he was nearly decapitated after running into a nearly invisible wire that was part of fortifications he made near four large marijuana plants.

The wire appeared to be the type used in pianos, but Apple said it’s unclear what purpose it served as a security measure. Other components of the booby traps included barbed wire and a leg trap similar to those used to trap coyotes.

Alcohol may have been a factor in the accident, Apple said.


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Remember when gambling was outlawed because it was considered immoral and harmful, instead of just a threat to the state’s monopoly?

Better than a tax on the productive, we suppose

Better than a tax on the productive, we suppose

Connecticut Lottery Commissioner Captain Keno announces that (more) gambling machines are coming to bars and restaurants throughout the state. “Pretty much wherever alcohol is served,” the Captain told FWIW, ” ’cause you gotta be stone drunk to play these odds. Fortunately, that’s not going to be a problem; not here in the Land of Steady Habits.”

FWIW has it on good authority that our beloved Governor, as he signed this latest assault on the ignorant and stupid into law, quipped “any chance we can get the gun clubs to let us install some machines?” Love him or loathe him, and I’m in the latter camp, that’s pretty funny.


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Okay, I’m in awe

Best trick played on a co-worker, ever.


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War on Americans: DEA telephone taps vastly exceed the NSA’s


Knock knock, who's here?

Knock knock, who’s here?

Decades worth of phone records, all in DEA hands. Unlike large “D” democrats, it’s the libertarians who have railed against our war on drugs and its concomitant destruction of American liberties. The Dollar Bills of the world squeak a little when a Republican administration grabs another chunk of that freedom, then assume a supine (or in DB’s preferred sexual practices, prone) position  and mewl “take me” to the first handsome Democrat who comes along.

Which is too bad; we could use an ally.


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That’s okay, accidents will happen

Durant Hall, UC Berkeley: Celebrating free health care and condoms March 4, 2010

Durant Hall, UC Berkeley: Celebrating free health care and condoms March 4, 2010

Berkeley University accidentally denies medical coverage to students injured while rioting.

At first glance, language in UC Berkeley’s student health insurance plan appears to exclude injuries incurred during riot participation.

When Bahar Navab, the assembly affairs vice president of the UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly, contacted University Health Services on Monday to express her surprise at the policy’s language, UHS was surprised, too.

The clause, nestled in the plan’s benefit booklet, was mistakenly included when the campus entered into a contract with a new health insurance provider, Aetna, this summer, despite the fact that the campus asked the language be removed, said Kim LaPean, communications manager at UHS’s Tang Center.

“It’s sad that the (clause) was included,” LaPean said. “But what would be sadder is if students thought we wanted to include the misinformation.”

Within 24 hours of the inquiry, UHS confirmed the administrative error and stated that the clause would not affect those covered by the plan, LaPean said. UHS is in the process of officially removing the language from posted and printed material.

“We would never enforce such a clause,” LaPean said. “We respect our students’ rights.”

Aetna is also currently working to correct the plan’s language, although riot exclusions are “standard” in healthcare policies, said Aetna public relations manager Cynthia Michener.

Fortunately, California is enjoying a huge budget surplus due to its investments in high speed trains, retroactive taxes and the municipal success of cities like Stockton, so its taxpayers will doubtless joyfully receive the news that they can go back to protecting the right of their junior arsonists without the slightest pain to their pocketbook.

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This still leaves le petites français at 5′ 4 1/2″.


Paris avec un copain typique

Paris avec un copain typique

Europeans grew  4.3 inches from 1870-1980. Hmm: all those pesticides, chemicals and privations of the Industrial Revolution seem to have had no adverse affect.


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Greenwich Democrats display their new headquarters poster

I'm Francis Fudrucker and I approved this ad

I’m Francis Fudrucker and I approved this ad

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James Taranto’s worst fears seem to have been realized

Taranto, the WSJ reporter who pens “Best of the Web” each day at that paper, worried that the worst possible outcome for the IRS scandal investigation would be if the decision to target and harass conservative groups came not from the administration but from IRS employees themselves: that, Taranto warned, would mean that the entire IRS was corrupt, and fixing it would prove far more difficult than merely lopping off a few heads at the top.

So here’s this report, just out from the Inspector General’s Office: IRS “hindered” efforts to prevent the misuse of Social Security numbers by illegal workers.

An audit report published this month by the inspector general for the Social Security Administration says that the Internal Revenue Service’s reluctance to penalize employers who consistently file W-2s on which the Social Security Number and name do not match has “hindered” the SSA’s efforts to stop “unauthorized noncitizens” from using Social Security Numbers that are fake or belong to someone else.

The audit report looked at “inaccurate wage reporting”—or the filing of W-2 forms on which the name and the Social Security Number do not match. The SSA has long said these no-match W-2s are frequently filed on behalf of illegal aliens. According to the IG audit report released earlier this month, a senior IRS official admitted to the IG that the service knows this is the case.

The IG said that although the IRS had the legal authority to penalize employers who filed large numbers of inaccurate W-2s, the IRS could not tell the IG how many employers it had actually penalized. At the same time, a number of SSA Employer Service Liaison Officers (ESLOs)–who deal with employers through regional SSA offices–told the IG they “were not aware” of the IRS penalizing any employers who had habitually filed inaccurate W-2s. […]

“SSA senior staff did not believe employers had an incentive to submit accurate annual wage reports because the IRS rarely enforced existing penalties,” said the report. “SSA staff believed applying penalties would deter SSN misuse. Furthermore, SSA senior staff believed the Agency could provide the IRS with sufficient evidence to show an employer knew or should have known its employees’ SSNs were incorrect. For example, a reasonable person should recognize that hundreds of workers could not have the same or consecutively numbered SSNs.”

The fox is in the hen house.


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