Okay, I’m in awe

Best trick played on a co-worker, ever.


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7 responses to “Okay, I’m in awe

  1. Al Dente

    Japs have the best pranks. Apparently they don’t worry about injuries or heart attacks they may cause.

    I like this one: http://youtu.be/tirhQrbDe5Y

  2. lame

    japs cant see well obviously

    • Aeh, cut the guy some slack: a 9′- tall raptor with huge, snapping teeth comes at you from around the corner, you’re supposed to focus on his legs? I’d have wet my pants. The brilliance of the prank, I think, is them setting the tone by sending several other workers our first, screaming and running for their lives. You get the rube wondering, alarmed, maybe a little bit scared, then send in the monster, no wonder he bit.

  3. yes, Japanese crowd pranks… i wonder if it’s a cultural thing?

    (sheesh! i had to log in to watch Al Dente’s video)