War on Americans: DEA telephone taps vastly exceed the NSA’s


Knock knock, who's here?

Knock knock, who’s here?

Decades worth of phone records, all in DEA hands. Unlike large “D” democrats, it’s the libertarians who have railed against our war on drugs and its concomitant destruction of American liberties. The Dollar Bills of the world squeak a little when a Republican administration grabs another chunk of that freedom, then assume a supine (or in DB’s preferred sexual practices, prone) position  and mewl “take me” to the first handsome Democrat who comes along.

Which is too bad; we could use an ally.


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3 responses to “War on Americans: DEA telephone taps vastly exceed the NSA’s

  1. w b h

    Just because you think they’re out to get you doesn’t mean they’re not.

  2. Anonymous

    No surprise that word press is archived as well?

  3. The other thing that DEA agents do when the donuts run low and it’s just too much trouble to find and arrest drug dealers is to visit regular doctors offices and demand to see the charts for patients who have been prescribed pain medications. They know what doctors are writing the rx’s because that’s all captured and reported by the pharmacies.

    This is much easier and safer than investigating drug dealers, who have no fixed address and are armed. Sometimes they even find donuts or cookies in the break room.