Well really, how many times must he say he’s sorry?


Not the helpful hand of friendship

Not the helpful hand of friendship

John Venables released again, given fourth new identity.

Jon Venables – one of the child killers of James Bulger – has been secretly freed from prison, it was revealed today.

The 31-year-old, who was released from his life sentence for the brutal murder of the toddler in 2001, was locked up again three years ago after being caught with child porn on his computer.

But it has been claimed today that he was released last week and given a fourth new identity – with the cost of protecting Venables believed to have passed £1million.

He was also arrested over a drunken brawl and cocaine offences, but the then Justice Secretary Jack Straw allowed him to remain at large.

Following his arrest for child porn offences, it was revealed that Venables had fallen into a spiral of drink and drug addiction because he struggled with the psychological pressure of living under an assumed name.

It is said to have taken officials two months to prepare his new identity.

Venables was first given a new identity when he and Thompson were sent to a young offenders’ institution for murdering the toddler.

A second new identity was created for him when he was released in 2001, and he was given a third identity after he was sent back to jail in 2010 for possessing child abuse images.



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18 responses to “Well really, how many times must he say he’s sorry?

  1. Once

    Should have gotten the chair.

  2. Just_looking

    I don’t know the story, but why was he given a new identity? Does everyone get this?

  3. Greenwich Resident

    Does anyone know why he was released from a life sentence?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Greenwich Resident: In answer to your question, it’s because to the “Progressive” mind venal brutal criminals are in fact the real victims of a society that is intolerant and suppressive of the actor’s psycho-sexual identity. If only society would embrace them, they wouldn’t be under such enormous emotional pressure to commit acts of post birth abortion on another’s child.

      • Yos

        Shorter LA: Kids lives are cheap in UK.

      • EOSredux

        Speaking of progressive, I have noticed that many Democratic politicians today are using that term to describe themselves, versus saying “liberal.” Just this morning, I saw an ad for Bill deBlasio (god help us if he becomes mayor of NYC); he shouts out that he is a Progressive.

        Caught some of Morning Joe today and Donny Deutsch, as progressive as they come, said he thought NYC should have a Republican mayor, Lhota. Me thinks Donny saw deBlasio’s ads about taxing the wealthy up his designer suit pocket and had a moment of clarity about what will happen to his money. Funny how that happens.

        • I ran a long rant on the Progressive Movement back a few months ago – call it liberal, Marxism, or “progressive”, it’s been with us 150 years or more and has effectively taken over our government and, during the past 40 years, our education system, and threatens the very existence of the United States as we knew it.

        • EOSredux

          Mort Sahl explains politics for us – Left, Right, Social democrats. Vintage 1967. Pretty fascinating and timeless – even prophetic.
          Change the word Vietnam to Syria.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          For some bizarre reason they think “progressive” is a better brand than “liberal”. That works for me since they stole the term “liberal” from our side. By re-branding as “progressives”, they further isolate their ideology making it easy for us to apply Alinsky’s rules against them.

      • AJ

        Progressive society embracing them — more steaky wake and eggy weggs, please.

  4. GWChase

    Best identity (new home) would be his full name engraved on a tombstone.

  5. The facts of this case are that two boys aged 11 tortured and murdred a boy of similar age. They both got life in prison. In the Uk a prisoner on a life sentence can be releasedc on license if the authorities judge that he/she is no longer a threat to society. The reason one of them is being given a new identidy is that a lot of deranged people in sopciety would like to kill him. In a civilised society you cannot allow that kind of thing to go on, and so he has been given a new identidy. Especially as tghere is a section of press that will stir up this hatred every time one of these boys(now men) even sneezes. These papers will pursue these people till they die.

    It’s a tragic story and not one that would be improved by a public lynching.

    • It’s the possession of child porn that probably makes some old stick in the muds question the trained sociologists’ determination that he’s no longer a danger to society or young children.
      But what do we know, next to experts?

      • I am not an expert either. I merely wanted to explain the situation. Experts do get it wrong, but they very often get it right too.

        • But again, after making that determination and releasing him, he’s been arrested several times, with kiddy porn on his computer, meth in his veins and booze on his breath. As the sergeant asked Arlo, “kid, have you been rehabilitated?” Arlo didn’t feel it was necessary to rehabilitate himself after being a litter-bug; this monster seems to feel the same way about murder and torture.