Democrats and their school board picks

No entiendo Inglés o la ley

No entiendo Inglés o la ley

I hadn’t quite realized that the Democrats’ appointment of Ramalamadingdong Tamm to the BOE was intended to supplement the ranks of the “progressives” already there, but reader Ghost sent along the following comment which raises an interesting question: is there anyone the Democrats are willing to put on the Board who is capable of even rudimentary thought?

UPDATE: Question asked, question answered – Ms. Ospina is a graduate of Harvard Law School. No slur intended against a lawyer who can’t understand the law, but given the recent difficulties of another Harvard Law graduate of color, I’m beginning to wonder whether this affirmative action thing is all that it’s cracked up to be.


Here’s what puzzles me. This is the quote in the GT from last night’s meeting by Ms. Ospina:

“The law is the law,” Ospina said. “We have a large achievement gap between minority and non-minority pupils. The state wants to see that Greenwich is making progress towards addressing that achievement gap.”

What did I miss in all of the meetings over the summer? The state law doesn’t care about an achievement gap, only race statistics. If we came up with a busing plan, for instance, that resolved the racial imbalance at Ham Ave and New Leb, the State would say “you are now in compliance”, stop sending letters and not care what happened to student achievement as a result.

After all of the discussion, how can a BOE member not understand the basic issue?


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  1. CatoRenasci

    is there anyone the Democrats are willing to put on the Board who is capable of even rudimentary thought?


  2. dogwalker

    Oye! And the achievement gap in Greenwich is less than many other towns, even towns without any alleged racial imbalance.

  3. AJ

    The Law is the Law? I’ve been in court where I’ve seen that it’s possible to have a judge take a law that’s very black and white, say it’s grey, and interpret it to mean the exact opposite of what it says.

    • You probably wrote this before you had a chance to see my update, which reveals that Miss Ospina holds a law degree from Harvard.

      • AJ

        How many manifestoes has she written?

      • CatoRenasci

        She still can’t speak English like a native….
        Perhaps that’s churlish to note, but it grates when a member of the school board has a heavier accent than my wife’s cleaning lady.

        • AJ

          Most people tend to blend in after a while, It took a few years of living in Quebec before everyone stopped saying, “Hey, you’re an American,” every time I opened my mouth, but after a while I did blend in, and no one would have guessed that I was not Canadian. To speak English like a native, for Ms. Ospina, would most assuredly lead to a loss of political power (think, Obama doing his MLK thing, or even Hillary Clinton speaking to a black audience). And her tendency to speak in absolutes — something I’ve gathered from just this brief blog post — shows Ms. Ospina is clearly someone with an agenda.

  4. ChillKitty

    Our own dear leader picks and chooses what laws he feels like enforcing. Let’s take a page out of his playbook and choose not to enforce racial compliance and see what happens.

  5. CatoRenasci

    given the recent difficulties of another Harvard Law graduate of color, I’m beginning to wonder whether this affirmative action thing is all that it’s cracked up to be

    can’t put anything over on you, Chris….

    I once had a very well-spoken black affirmative action Harvard lawyer working for me – he was as dumb as the proverbial stone.

    Years before that, I worked with a pre-affirmative action black Harvard lawyer (graduated in the ’50s) – one of the brightest lawyers I’ve worked with over the past 30+ years.

    • Anonymous

      Just as well you are a lawyer and not a statistician. What useful information are we supposed to infer from your experience with two black lawyers years apart?

  6. Cos Cobber

    So Ospina wishes to tie minority under performance with high minority concentrations? Soft racism? apparently. Someday we’ll look back at these theories and be aghast. If you fail to see what’s wrong with this position, lets put it in its crudest form; the under performing minority children would do better if there were more white kids in the class room. That’s the theory – and its ugly…and not my theory; but theirs.

  7. Anonymous

    What if they’re just dumber?

  8. Anonymous

    McKersie said achievement doesn’t matter at a BOE meeting this summer
    ( watch the video on BOE website, about 1:46 in or so). According to McKersie, “Achievement argument doesn’t hold under the current statute – at the end of the day they [the state] are going to say how many students did you move.”

  9. FF

    All I can say to you about Harvard Law School: Affirmative action shill and Canadian citizen Ted Cruz (R-locobird)
    And Cato, I know its churlish to note, but when you write like a racist asshole, it grates to think you feel such a misguided sense of anonymous superiority

    • Surprised to see you join in the attack on affirmative action, FF, but welcome back to the fight.

    • CatoRenasci

      At least I didn’t preside over nominating Ramadamadingdong (as Chris calls her), the 30 year member of a lunatic cult who sent her own kid to Greenwich Academy, to the school board. Or the total disaster of putting up Stephanie P for first selectperson, only to see her taken out with her own baggage within a few weeks.

      You probably support Obama’s Excellent Syrian Adventure, too. Can you look any American serviceperson in the eye and ask them to die for a mistake like John Kerry can? He couldn’t in 1972, but he sure can now!

      • AJ

        Well, who couldn’t support attacking Syria, to indiscriminately kill tens of thousands of people who’ve got nothing to do with nothing, to right the wrong of the hundreds (??) killed in a sarin gas attack most likely perpetrated by American backed Al Qaeda rebels. I mean, who wouldn’t; after our resounding human rights success in Libya.

    • AJ

      What happened to the great melting pot, FF? Cultural diversity is just a ploy for divide and conquer and it’s working. Even the idea that Canada, as opposed to America, is the country of the Great Cultural Diversity in the sky — something America should be more like — is bullshit. It was invented by a Toronto based radio station as a marketing ploy.

    • Come on FF, McCain calls Cruz and Rand Paul wacko birds, not locobirds. Hey, they don’t call it the stupid party for nothing!

      • FF

        Fair enough. AJ, if you’re not up on this one, Ted Cruz has a white American mother, and his father, a member of a racial minority and a citizen of a communist country, begat a child of alien Canadian soil. Calls for his birth certificate resulted in the discovery that he was, although a United States Senator, a full citizen of your alien land. So he is both a furriner and a Harvard Law graduate! Sounds sinister

        • So by your Zimmerman standard, Cruz is white, right? After that, we can dismiss any other considerations- evil is evil.

        • AJ

          Ted Cruz a foreigner and a Communist? Sounds like your kind of Candidate, FF. Must be quite upsetting that he chose to be a member of the opposing team. Did he write a book with a dust cover flap boasting to be a foreigner?

          Should he become the 2016 nominee of the Republican party, then the major distraction of his citizenship will become the main issue of the 2016 presidential race. Which is why I believe the same forces that disappeared the results of the 2012 Republican Iowa caucus, and shut down the Maine primaries for bad weather that wasn’t even forecast nor did materialize in districts where Ron Paul was favored to win will make sure that Cruz becomes the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

  10. Shama Lama Ding Dong

    Define rudimentary.

  11. It’s you who don’t understand, Chris. With the state, it’s never enough. If balance is solved, there must be a racial achievement gap. If that’s closed, then there must be a gender math/science gap to be solved. The state is a business; issues are its products. Bureaucrats are the epoxy that keeps the machinery lubricated. I’m sitting in Virginia, waiting to see if Terry McCauliffe gets to make us, more like you.

  12. Walt

    Dude –
    Here is the difference between Conservatives and Progressives.

    Conservatives would deal with the achievement gap by trying to raise the underperformers UP. Progressives will deal with the achievement gap by dumbing the overachievers DOWN!!

    Their entire strategy, in ALL they do, is to lower the bar, and seek the least common denominator. IT IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER AND AGAINST ALL THE PRINCIPLES THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON!!!

    There are winners and losers in life. THAT IS THE WAY IT IS MEANT TO BE. Giving every kid a trophy in a race so no one feels bad? LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT YOU SNOT NOSED LITTLE BRAT AND FIND SOMETHING YOU ARE GOOD AT. PRETENDING IS NOT A STRATEGY!! Except to the Progressives. So dumbing down the smart kids is fine with them, so long as the gap is eliminated and no one feels bad.

    Detroit was led by Progressives for FIFTY YEARS and look how that worked out for them. Progressive Legal Discrimination, which they call Affirmative Action, does no one any good. It should be abolished.

    Wealth redistribution via all of the entitlement programs will destroy this Country. All the things Progressives stand for are detrimental to the future well being of the Nation as we once knew it. That is a fact. And you can’t get more Progressive than Squeaky Tamm. Francis already admitted that in one of his few posts in support of her.
    Comment Francis? Comment?
    Your Pal,

    • Cos Cobber

      And the craziest thing – so many progressives dont believe in the progressive system they are hell bent on creating – case in point – Blumenthal’s kids didn’t attend public school. Same with Tamm.

      • GreenITCH

        oh they believe in it … they dumb down the masses and no one is there to question their motives or tactics !

    • FF

      I just find your arguments self-justifying and just a little Pollyannaish. In fact, you seem to be making the precise kind of right-wing dreamworld statements that echo the same leftist fantasies of years gone by. You have discussed no actual solutions to real-world issues of educational problems that have persisted for years, and propose a combination of banal catchphrases about underperforming, identify some small aspect found in current culture such as these awards for kids coming in 10th and pretending it is pervasive throughout the entire nation, along with some transparent nonsense about Detroit’s loss of its entire manufacturing base being somehow besides the point to their collapsing economy. Its not intellectually honest, it’s self-referential and it can be very tiring because it means absolutely nothing. It reminds me of those Marxists who spouted those endlessly empty phrases about “to each according to their ability…….” like if they were chanted over and over, the magic commie would make it real. Your worldview is pleasant and pleasing and just not real. If it makes you sleep at night, more power to you but short of Marxist methods, I suspect you will die an unhappy man in this respect.

      • We’ve had 50 years of Democrats running our big cities according to their principles [sic] – how’s that worked out? More of the same doesn’t strike me as either innovative nor a plan for success, yet that’s what you offer. There is an entire body of work dedicated to reversing the declines your policies created (and, in older works, predicting it), but you ignore them, then claim that Democrats are the only ones offering solutions.
        Something like your leader today telling the world that “he didn’t say it”. Got Kool Aid?

      • Walt

        Francis –
        You ignorant little slut. And I mean that with no disrespect. You commie.
        Firstly, I am not arguing. I am stating fact. And “Pollyannaish” and “right wing dreamworld statements”? You pathetic shallow little man. The Left underestimates the ability of people. They think only Big Government knows the answers, and the populace must rely on them in order to survive. WRONG!!
        People, well not all people, but certainly Americans, have proven their ability to succeed in a Capitalist environment, free of onerous Government restrictions. The Frogs, the Commies, and the Chinks may need to be led around by their noses, BUT NOT US!! So if you consider my optimism about our ability to solve problems as “Pollyannaish” and “Dreamworld” I pity you.
        You want the solution? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE SOLUTION!! IT’S CARE GIVER INVOLVEMENT YOU NATHAN LANE WANNABE!! FIX THE CORE SOCIAL ISSUES!! DEAL WITH THAT!! 73% – THAT’S 73% of black children are born out of wedlock. No father, a disenfranchised mother, taking no interest in their child. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. And creating GENERATIONS of welfare dependency doesn’t fix this. Which is the Progressive solution.
        Now Detroit. DETROIT!! Yes it lost its manufacturing base, which is a large reason it is in the shape it is today. Same way Connecticut is headed, BTW. Bridgeport is a perfect example. But WHY did it lose it, Francis? You retarded little dwarf. And I mean that fondly. Corrupt unions, in bed with the Progressive politicians, who bled the manufacturing base dry. And an illiterate workforce. The loss of the manufacturing base happened for a reason. Capital will flow to the friendliest environment. ALWAYS. Detroit wasn’t it. Connecticut is experiencing this now with the gun manufacturers, thanks to our Progressive governor. So when the manufacturing base leaves, what do you do? Raise taxes on individuals, of course!! The PERFECT Progressive solution!! And then all the tax paying individuals leave, and then your tax base erodes and you are screwed. But Progressives can’t seem to grasp this basic economic concept. You decrepit little losers.
        And that is a Marxist phrase, but if you took the time to understand the framework in which it was used, you would better understand it, and know that would not work.
        Your lack of confidence in the human spirit and American ingenuity is chilling. And I think you actually believe it.
        Now tell me why a lifelong “cultist” who destroyed her own child’s life, is the best candidate you can find for BOE?
        Thank You.

  13. Anonymous

    I know a lot of what is said here is meant to be in jest, but I truly think you are all perfect role models for would be bullies.

    • Walt

      We are all perfect role model for bullies? You think people here are bullies? What are you? Twelve years old? Struggling through puberty? Fearing your first training bra? I don’t know the demographic of the Dudes reader, but I always assumed it was an adult. And nothing said here is bullying You retard.
      No one is a bigger bully than the Progressives. If you disagree with a Conservative they may get annoyed with you, but if you disagree with a Progressive, THEY WILL TRY AND DESTROY YOU. Want proof? OK THAN!!
      Here are some examples. Just last week, a small baking shop refused to make a cake for a Gay marriage, because it went against their religious beliefs. They DID NOT refuse to make a cake for the Gay’s, just one celebrating Gay marriage, which they disagree with. So what did the Progressives do? SHUT THEM DOWN!! You can read it here:
      Now personally, I support Gay marriage. They deserve to be as miserable as the rest of us. So If you don’t agree with these folks opinion, just don’t shop there. But don’t destroy their lives because you don’t agree with them. THAT IS BULLYING for anyone who has pubes.
      Al Sharpton, Jessy Jackson? All bullies who DESTROY people who disagree with them. Anyone who disagrees with them is RACIST!! They BLACKMAIL people using the race card. It is despicable!!
      The Progressives called for the EXECUTION of George Zimmerman!!

      Read “Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America”. You may learn something.

      And the biggest bully of all? Barry the Emperor. Using the IRS and DOJ to DESTROY people who disagree with him. THAT IS BULLYING!! Name calling is not. You frigging moron.

    • another starbucks 4 me

      Don’t be daft! There are no bullies here, just some folks engaging in freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment. You are entitled to your opinion as well. My sense is that this crowd could get physical if you tried to block their access to the bar.

      • Anonymous

        Yup, and the first amendment protects the speech of bullies, too. So many here railed against the schools last week for not doing more about bullying…

    • Stop

      I agree with you. Name calling IS bullying.

  14. Greenwich Gal

    FF – is that the evening crickets chirping I hear or have you been totally bitch slapped speechless by Walt?

  15. GWChase

    Walt for President – our best hope since Ronald Reagan!
    To FF – WAKE UP!!!!!