Obama is renting out our soldiers and no one is screaming?

Straighten that collar, I want you looking good for the Sheik's inspection

Straighten that collar, I want you looking good for the Sheik’s inspection

Our country is hurtling to its doom and Obama pushed it. Kerry admits that the administrations has been negotiating with the Arabs: they’ll pay us to depose Assad, Obama will sell them the American troops to do it. The very act of even entertaining such a concept is treasonable, and negotiating the sale impeachable. Will no one rid us of this troublesome man?

Secretary of State John Kerry said at Wednesday’s hearing that Arab counties have offered to pay for the entirety of unseating President Bashar al-Assad if the United States took the lead militarily.

“With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assess, the answer is profoundly yes,” Kerry said. “They have. That offer is on the table.”

Asked by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) about how much those countries would contribute, Kerry said they have offered to pay for all of a full invasion.

“In fact, some of them have said that if the United States is prepared to go do the whole thing the way we’ve done it previously in other places, they’ll carry that cost,” Kerry said. “That’s how dedicated they are at this. That’s not in the cards, and nobody’s talking about it , but they’re talking in serious ways about getting this done. [“nobody’s talking about it” yet “they’re talking” to whom, if not Kerry? – Ed].


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16 responses to “Obama is renting out our soldiers and no one is screaming?

  1. Al Dente

    It’s all about the Benjamins. Or the Abduls, whatever.

    • If I were an American soldier and my commander in chief sold me off to the Arabs, I’d desert – or go after my commander in chief, but that would be wrong

      • t

        But you would fight for BP and the petrol dollar??

        • I’d fight for the right to frack in NY – sign me up.

        • t

          Gazprom has sewn up the European market. The only way to get the European market back is pipelines through Iraq and Syria -through Turkey and up through the Balkans, And undersea through the western Med.

          Then there are those oil and gas producing countries who would trade oil for almost anything but the US dollar. The US cant take em over but it can reduce them to anarchy and competing factions Its a win-win, sort of, Stalemate.

  2. Mazama

    Nothing new under the sun.

    Our government is reviving the Janissary concept: non-Muslim soldiers who served Turkish Sultans as “a counterbalance to the tribal, ethnic and favored interests” that made the Islamic armies unreliable for enforcing the Sultans’ (substitute Saudi and Gulf Arab emirs) interests.

    “According to military historian Michael Antonucci and economic historians Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane, every five years the Turkish administrators would scour their regions, primarily the Balkans, for the strongest sons of the sultan’s Christian subjects. These boys… (were taught the) Turkish language and customs, and the rules of Islam. (i.e., Politically Correct thought and celebration of “diversity” in the U.S. armed forces).

    The recruits were indoctrinated into Islam. They were supervised twenty four hours a day and subjected to severe discipline, prohibited from growing a beard and taking up a skill other than war, or marrying. As a result the Janissaries were extremely well disciplined troops…Most were non-Muslims because it was not permissible to enslave a Muslim.”


  3. Anonymous Citizenette

    And what happens if our all volunteer military stops enlisting or doesn’t re-enlist?

    • CatoRenasci

      Obama would love it if most of the current military left the service – he could replace them with incompetents who were in step with his agenda and would not have to worry about the military refusing his orders.

      As a Vietnam era vet, I find this whole situation disgusting beyond belief. The irony of being taken to war by a bunch of anti-war scumbags like Kerry and Barry curdles the stomach.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think they wouldn’t hesitate to re-instate the draft to keep our Arab friends happy. You wouldn’t want the Arab Princes messing up their manicures while our soldiers are dying to clean up their messes, would you?
      If you want support for this new war to end quickly, just propose that those collecting government benefits be the first to be drafted. You’d kill 2 birds with one stone: the number of people collecting benefits would drop by 80% overnight and the deficit would be halved in a few years.

  4. Gary Misch

    How about if they supply the manpower, and we give advice.

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    In the Spring of 1954 the French Army – then operating as a mercenary force for the United States – suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Viet Minh at Diem Bien Phu.

    Alleged Francophile John Kerry should know the lessons of that bit of history well, but he doesn’t because, in fact, he’s really just a pompous-assed Ivy dumbfuck.

  6. Anonymous2

    Someone should ask Barry and Lurch who will pay for the “humanitarian aide” and “nation building” after their dream war comes to an end. Surely they can’t wait to put another entire nation on US taxpayer-financed welfare?

    Time to re-view The Mouse That Roared.

  7. Once

    Actually, if the Saudis want Assad gone, then there could be a good reason to get rid of him. The Saudis are generally for whomever begets stability.

    • Well…maybe. The Saudis are the primary source of funds for the world-wide Islamic terrorist movement, so their motives for having us remove Assad may be entirely different from what they say. I trust them as far as one of their fat princes can throw a camel.