Obama makes it as hard on his sheeple as Stalin did on their grandparents

Obama in Sweden: “I didn’t make that red line, someone else did”. Now, dang it all, his adoring followers will be forced to reset their memories (usually accomplished by pushing the “Bush/Chaney” button) and forget that Dear Leader did, in fact, set a “red line” which is now embarrassing him so. Very much like the progressives of 1941 who, after Hitler suddenly invaded the Soviet Union, had to switch overnight from demanding strict neutrality to demanding that we open a “second front now!” A mind is a terrible thing to erase.

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6 responses to “Obama makes it as hard on his sheeple as Stalin did on their grandparents

  1. t

    This is what happens to countries that buy and sell oil/gas with alternative currencies. <Look what happens when, one uses US treasury bonds as a means of trade.

  2. OG17

    He must be getting lessons from both Clintons on lying. Latest is that Bubba has been eating Bubba Burgers, he’s only a vegan for show….

    • The safe bet, of course, is that Bubba’s lying again (or should that be “still”?), but he may have simply confused this term with a body part. Just giving a beloved former president the benefit of the doubt here…

  3. Anonymous

    Sheeple is such a good term, so appropriate.

  4. Anonymous

    what goes around comes around…hes down to his last strike…