Sale, contract, price cut

No, no the same property, three different ones

9 Shore Acre

9 Shore Acre

9 Shore Acre Drive, Old Greenwich, asked $3.195, got $3,050,80 (there’s nothing as annoying to an agent then getting caught up in one of these end-stage nickel-and-dime negotiations when the reward for those last coins is so little. Important, no doubt, for the parties, but a 5% commission on eight eighty-bucks, divided four ways, is $1 each. And it may take three weeks to get to that dollar.

9 Paddock Drive

9 Paddock Drive

9 Paddock, up on the Merritt off of Lake, has a contract. Started at $2.695, dropped to $2.495, which is what it was purchased for in 2002. I liked this house very much. Paddock is a nice little dead-end street, this house itself was opened up and expanded and has a great yard, and the highway noise is not too noisy. Compared to what you’d get elsewhere in this price range, it’s a lot of house.

And, of course, convenient to transportation.

12 Shore Rd

12 Shore Rd

And 12 Shore Road, also in Old Greenwich, has suffered another price cut and is now priced at $2.675, q huge improvement over its first price when it was built in 2011, $3.495. I thought the house was great when I saw it back then, with direct frontage on Tomac Cove, but it didn’t strike me, or any buyer, as a $3.5 house. Now, it looks like a relative bargain.


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7 responses to “Sale, contract, price cut

  1. Pete

    There’s $80.00 at the end of the sale price, not $8.00. That’s $100.00 each. Maybe a dinner?

    • I inadvertently dropped the “y”, but 5% of $80 = $4, divided by 4 =$1. That’s a dinner from MacDonald’s dollar menu, but only if you skip desert, coffee and freedom fries.

  2. Pete

    Sorry. You’re right. Long day.

  3. Yardbird

    I feel like anything that close to stamford on shore road is going to have to suffer for its location just a bit