The Republicans join the Democrats in eating their young

I'm here to demonstrate that it's not affirmative action that's at fault, it's a Harvard law degree

That’s right, Livvy, it’s a full sheet of blotter acid – enjoy! Oh – I see you’ve already done that.

We need an independent party, now, to lift Greenwich out of the stagnant cesspool dug and maintained by our two major parties, who divvy up the power between themselves, quash challengers and seek simply to maintain the failing status quo. The latest?

Greenwich Post will have a letter tomorrow from Republican Town Committee – approved BOE candidates  Bernstein and Paldonus savaging Peter Sherr and Herr Pieter von Schnitzlegrüber for various despicable apostasies, including daring to defy their Republican bosses.

All this is standard fare for Greenwich; witness the defenestration of Inland Wetlands Chairman Lawrence Perry: Drew Marzullu (D) and this fellow Theis (R) knocked him off because he wouldn’t promise to kill the synagogue in their Cos Cob neighborhood, Tesei (R) joined in the fun because Perry had offended rich Republican donors on Zaccheus Mead Road. Greenwich residents got hosed.

I’m not surprised that Republican Chairman Jim Campbell has sicced his Chihuahuas on these dissidents, but I’m very sorry to see Brain Paldonus go along; I’d hoped for better things from him.


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31 responses to “The Republicans join the Democrats in eating their young

  1. hmmm

    shame on brain

    I can only imagine that Jim is on his way out…with more independents in town than any other group the GOP has to be worried…

    • Demmerkrat Patriot

      There are actually 230 positions on the RTM open, as there are every election. The article is misleading … the open spots are those that are not filled by current incumbent members of the RTM. An incumbent member is automatically placed on the ballot if they have met the attendance requirements.

      The reality is this: any registered voter in Greenwich can run for the RTM. Incumbents are placed on ballot, but there is NO LIMIT to the number of candidates that appear on the ballot for each district. The article assumes that only the exact number of delegates from each district will appear on the ballot. This is incorrect.

      The RTM could use some real competition, and if your last name begins with the letter “A”, chances are you’ll get elected. Traditionally, our Greenwich voters pick the first names on the list for their districts … and the list is sorted alphabetically. So John Adams would traditionally get elected whereas George Washington may not.

      So, all you registered voters, have at it! Petitions require 25 signatures of registered voters from your district, or you can request placement as a “write in” until 24 (I believe) hours prior to election day.

  2. Demmerkrat Patriot

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

  3. Campbell and the Libby person ( who by the way needs to retire from state politics ) are shitting on their back country boots. They are going to do whatever they can to make sure Sherr doesn’t get on. Campbell is a behind the scenes rat ( who lost big time in the one election he campaigned for.) Paldunass is frightened and now has to walk strep by step following orders. I knew it was a matter of time before he threw Sherr under the bus!
    Told you so Fountain!

  4. Don’t trust State Rep. Libby Floren. She resigned the RTC just so someone else could vote against Sherr. She and Campbell and Sue Sue Rogers are actively campaigning against Sherr.
    And now Paldunas. This Paldunas guy is trouble. He was Sherrs friend. What happened? I’m voting for Sherr and won’t vote for Libby Floren again!

    • I’m really sorry to see Paldunas go over to the dark side. I’d figured him for a real reformer, interested in our schools, not petty local politics. And yes, why would he toss Sherr overboard? What possible reward could Jim Campbell offer him that would justify such a betrayal? Make him the Registrar of Voters? Custodian at Nathaniel Witherell? What?

      • Chris,
        This Peldunas fellow might have fooled you but the people who really know are not fooled. It’s not even about stabbing Sherr in the back. It’s politics and I knew it was a matter of time before he bent over for Campbell, Warzoha and Libby. That’s not my problem with guy. It’s because he pretends he is doing this for children and the schools. He’s a rat! And he lost my vote!

      • Brian BTN


        I will make the same offer I did last evening to a fellow Riverside resident who phoned to talk about the letter (Without discussing the letter which he had not read, we talked about all aspects of the schools for the next hour, which was great). Please read the letter in the Post first, then we can talk from a more informed point of view.

        My offer to you is that I will buy you a slice or two of pizza, and we can talk about the letter and about anything else you want related to my campaign. Like the person last evening, I am sure there will be things about which we will not agree, but at least we can fully discuss the issues and the politics.

        Brian Peldunas

  5. red herring

    Wow, what a shock….NOT. Something didn’t seem ‘quite right’ about Peter Bernstein from the outset. My suspicions have been proven correct over the past 2 months. The truth looks like the ‘edu-cracy’ got their teeth into him and started telling him how to behave and what to think. Voters with school age children have to be clinically insane not to vote for Peter Sherr at this point. Only guy who put forward a plan, stands up to defend the neighborhood schools and, frankly, just has common sense.
    Who the hell else is going to shout down the cult lady when she decides to advocate for further progressive social engineering of our school system…or for that matter the existing loons on the BOE.

  6. Fountain,
    Are you really surprised? I’m not. Well maybe bit. I was waiting for Paldunas to throw Sherr under the bus after the election not before. What really disappoints me though is we are left with a board that can’t think for themselves. This Paldunas guy obviously is doing what the RTC wants him to do. We need a BOE that can think and act for themselves. Stop defending this guy Fountain. You should know better! Sherr must get in!
    I was going to vote for Paldunas and Sherr but now I will only bullet for Sherr ! Lets see if Paldunas responds. He was quick at the mouth before.

  7. Back country voter

    The RTC recrutied Paldunas because they can control him. He is obviously of weak mind and stands for nothing. When the RTC is done with him they will throw him out as well. Remember Paldunas is the guy who took complete credit for changing the math circulium.

    Please put up his letter first thing tomorrow.

  8. BOE watcher

    Paldunas equals PaldunASS

  9. Judicial watcher

    Correct me if I’m wrong…..
    But didn’t Rep. Livvy Floren spend time in Jail for driving drunk?
    I think she was sentenced for 2 months.

  10. Green Tea Party ?
    Members who care about sports including hunting which started the Green movement.
    Taxed enough already to provide goods and services for those who’s votes are purchasable.
    Party includes the wondrous feeling of appreciation for this collection of communities called a Town not a wannabe extension of New York which is the point of both petty parties.
    Understand some get it….how ’bout guys like Dalio who choose to live here and have enough class to have his employees elsewhere. The 50 year experiment of doing the opposite failed. Livvy has a good heart and brain but if she only hears the screams of the power and goodie grabbers not our Town first devotion she has little choice. RTM committee meetings are next week….rally for sanity ?

  11. Anxiously awaiting a response from Paldunas

    No word yet from the very outspoken Paldunas????

  12. Sherr supporter, Was a Paldunas supporter.

    The RTC must be doing the jig. They finally got a puppet they can control. Paldunas is a hero.

    This is exactly why someone like Paldunas should not be elected. The BOE desperately needs independent thinkers. People who will challenge. I’m voting for Sherr and Sherr only. I ask everyone to do the same.

  13. Republican

    It was Selectman David Theis who voted against the reappointment of Wetland Chairman Lawrence Perry because of Perry’s support of the Cos Cob synagogue. First Selectman Tesei was always going to vote against him as well. Theis admitted that at last months BO’S meeting. Theis doesn’t like the guy because he is a Democrat and doesn’t like his view on the synagogue. Tesie went along with his Republican Selectman. Why can’t our First Selectman ever take a stance. He is always hiding behind Theis for cover!

  14. Cos Cob Coot

    As any steady observer knows, the Scherr election is not so much about Sherr, but is a referrendum by the public on the present leadership throughout Town, esp. the BOE. Politically, this is about who controls the RTC (which controls the Town politics… I know not very adeptly). (Ask the savaged “Rhinos”) Educationally, this is whether the voters think that the BOE should serve the School Administration or the school parents and taxpayers who are the client. ( Ask the PTA’s and parents.) Financially, the question is whether the BOE is an Advisory Board to the Superintendent (like the Parks & Rec Board) or is a Managing Board which creates responsible program and policy direction to the School Administration (Ask the front line school staff.),and develops a responsible budget for the taxpayer. (ask the BET what the whole MISA fight was really about.)

    The question is who runs the Town for Whom? If Sherr does not return to the BOE, the powers that be will trumpet his defeat as a sound endorsement of the status quo. If you like the status quo, the “blind” ear and ear waxed eye of the present leadership; If you approve of being told what your opinion is; If you believe the end justifies my own means; If you just don’t give a damn about the “children, the taxes, the real estate values,
    the quality of your family’s life; well don’t vote for Sherr. Better yet be like 80% of the voters, and don’t bother voting at all.