Why work?

Reader ML (who speaks Spanish, just as a by the bye), sends along this Forbes article on the benefits of welfare vs. working for minimum wage. Blue states are the most generous in their involuntary transfers from the productive to the non-productive, which probably doesn’t surprise you, and Connecticut, while not at the very top of the redistribution chart, an honor that belongs to Hawaii, is right there in contention, paying $44,370 per year, or $21.33 per hour of loafing and breeding. And that’s tax free. What a country, what a state.



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  1. A Buzzard

    I’m going to Idaho…. See ya!

  2. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Sadly, one still has to QUALIFY to receive the largess of our overlords in Hartford. And CF, I do not think either of us would qualify.

    • CatoRenasci

      Only because it doesn’t go far enough – the ILWU wants full-on socialized medicine a la the British National Health Service.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        ILWU is scizophrenic on this issue; although it favors a governmental single payer system, its beef with AFL/CIO was that ILWU’s so-called Cadillac Plan is slated for extinction, and they’re pissed off that AFL/CIO bargained away their good plan. It wasn’t supposed to work out that way, don’t ‘cha know?

  3. Publius

    “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”
    Herbert Stein

    I say bring it on; let’s put the foot down on the accelerator hard and go over the edge. We need a few more Detroit’s to take out the progressives; the sooner the better.

    BTW Bill DeBlasio has got a fairly robust lead in the polls for NYC Mayor. Polls don’t mean victory, but if this guy becomes Mayor, Katie bar the door. David Dinkins redux.

    • The Duke of Deception

      The Duke has spoken to several very successful NYC friends who work at firms like GS and Sullivan and Cromwell. They are at the age where they can retire and they will leave NYC if Bill the Redistributor gets in. And these
      are people who heart NY.

      The Duke despises The Nanny, but it’s hard to argue that NYC is humming pretty nicely now — why would the voters want to put in guy who is 180
      the other way? Oh yeah, that’s why…

  4. OG17

    Guess this is how the poor can afford lottery tickets, great job Fuddrucker!

  5. t

    You dont have to rely on a map from Forbes. Just ask any illegal alien which states offer the best deals

  6. t

    Gives new meaning to the term “”FREE COUNTRY””