He learned from the master

They told me this vote was coming up and ...well, you can SEE what I did to my pants

They told me this vote was coming up and …well, you can SEE what I did to my pants

Senator Ed Markey (D. MA) votes “present” on Syrian war resolution.


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  1. Peg

    Except HE won’t be “present” – it will be our young men who will have to go there.

    I pretend to have almost ZERO knowledge as to what we should do with foreign policy issues like this. All I know is that it is the height of hypocrisy for all these liberals who were hysterically against GWB getting involved military to either be in favor of action – or – voting “present.”

  2. burningmadolf

    He was elected to replace Kerry, so Massholes got what they wanted I guess.

  3. If he doesn’t have the courage to confront his thinning hair honestly, you can’t expect him to have the courage to take a controversial stand in the Senate.

  4. LMNOP

    FYI: There’s a typo in the linked headline. It makes reference to someone named Ed Markey. The Masshole Senator is Ed Malarkey!

  5. Dollar Bill

    I oppose this Syria folly, but I’d take Markey’s caution any day over the certitude of the White House or the belligerent dumbassery of Senator Huckleberry Graham or his sidekick Senator Angry Grandpa McCain, who are always banging the drums for more war. Just saying.

    • Here’s what’s annoying to me: if Markey has doubts, and he certainly should, why not vote “no”? “Present” is just a cowardly way for a politician to avoid creating a record on an issue that might come back to bite him. I understand that his boss now sits in the White House because of that very strategy, but to claim you’re no less a conniving bum than Obama is not much of a claim.

  6. Dollar Bill

    At last whip count, there are 153 House members who remain undecided, including scores of high ranking Republicans, including Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers. If you’re going to knock Markey, then knock these guys (and gals) too. Don’t give them a pass. These folks after all are in charge of the House. In 2010, the American people, in their wisdom, elected a parliament of Tea Party pinheads. We are still paying for this collective brain fart for years to come.

    • “In 2010, the American people, in their wisdom, elected a parliament of Tea Party pinheads. We are still paying for this collective brain fart for years to come.”
      “We are still paying …for years to come”? That’s what you learned from your NEA English teachers?

      Aside from your illiteracy, are you really, really this stupid? Do you understand the contempt rational people will have for you and your peers if you continue this idiocy? I’m sure the answer is yes, and no, but in a futile attempt to reach past the wax in your ears and stimulate your reptile brain stem, let me be rude:THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND HIS COLLECTION OF NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISORS ARE THE ONES WHO WANT TO INVADE SYRIA, AND THEY ARE ALL DEMOCRATS!!!! BUSH IS GONE!!! CHENEY IS NOT HERE!!!! THE KOCH BROTHERS HAVE GONE FISHING!!!
      Good God, you are truly, completely bat shit crazy. Does your mother know you have access to a computer?

      UPDATE: I’m sorry, Dollar Bill, I overlooked your ip address and was lulled into believing that “anonymous” was some other Democrat who had somehow found his way to this space. I do apologize because, had I known it was you, I would never have wasted time trying reason on your widdy bwiddy brain. I’ve corrected the omission of your pen name on this and your earlier posts so that FWIW readers can share the joy of your resurfacing.

      • I guess he saves the “Dollar Bill” moniker for the posts he’s especially proud of, the ones where he attaches particularly virulent epithets to Tea Partiers. I know I’m devastated by by the cogency of “pinheads.” Good work, Bill!

  7. Dollar Bill

    First off, CF, you are dead wrong to say all of President Obama’s are Democrats. His Secy of Defense, Chuck Hagel, a key player in all this, you will recall is a former Republican Senator from Nebraska. The same Chuck Hagel you smeared as a “pacifist” on this blog even though he fought in Vietnam while you CF, proud chickenhawk that you are, were toking it up at GHS,letting some other poor schlub do the fighting and the dying.

    Second, most of the opposition to this war is coming not just from the likes of Justin Amash but from liberal Democrats, openly opposing their President — the same liberal Democrats who you painted as weak on defense when they opposed the Iraq War, a war which you supported in lockstep with your fellow Republicans, and look how that turned out, Where were the Republicans in opposition to Iraq in 2003? With the exception of Ron Paul and Lincoln Chafee, nowhere to be found. Certainly not on this blog. Certainly not you!

    Third, it is nauseating to watch you and Walt and other Republican pols and conservative pundits get on your high horses about Syria. You are guys who mostly have never met a war you didn’t like, and until a few months ago were practically baying at the moon to demand that President Obama stop diddling around and get serious about aiding the rebels and taking out the monstrous Bashar al-Assad.

    But now? It’s as if you just returned from a pacifist conference on the Upper West Side.

  8. housecat

    Wow, I didn’t realize that high schoolers were in line for the draft during Vietnam. I thought the poor schlubs had to both graduate from high school and reach 18 first. Also, did this blog even exist in 2003? Please forgive my confusion, but the archives only date back to 2005. If it didn’t, perhaps our favorite homophobe is a mind reader?