I doubt Wal-Mart or its shoppers will miss them.


Wal Mart Job applicants Georgia, Dec. 21, 2011

Wal Mart Job applicants Georgia, Dec. 21, 2011

Labor union trying to stage walk-out of Wal-Mart employees today.

Walmart associates in 15 cities will walk off the job Thursday in the latest in a series of actions against the nonunion retail giant organized by the United Food and Commercial Workers union through the activist group it backs, OUR Walmart.

The group claimed that “thousands” would walk out.

According to the news release, walkouts are planned by employees at stores in Baton Rogue, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando, Sacramento, Seattle and San Francisco.

Washington, D.C., was included by the group in its announcement but there are currently no Walmart stores located in the nation’s capital. [Because that city, with one of the highest unskilled labor unemployment rates in the nation, bans them – Ed]

A planned post-Thanksgiving action largely fizzled due to poor turnout. Many of the protesters at the events were not actually Walmart employees and in some cases were bussed in from outside. But UFCW and other unions have kept at it hoping to build legitimate grassroots support.


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14 responses to “I doubt Wal-Mart or its shoppers will miss them.

  1. D

    Not sure about the other cities, but there’s no Walmart in NYC either… They’ve been trying to open a store here for many years, but like DC, locals would rather have less jobs.

  2. LMNOP

    Didn’t Walmart try to or start building a super store in DC only for the mayor to make demands onn how they pay their employees or else he wouldn’t approve the building permit? If I were WM exec and that happened, I’d say, thanks, goodbye and good-luck DC.

  3. Peg

    I guess that they don’t realize that in many cities, ten times as many people will show up for the Wal-Mart jobs as there are positions available.

    And – here’s an amazing little tidbit. I googled this to find an article in support – and, ALL I got were dozens of “Wal-Mart is evil” and how awful Wal-Mart jobs are from various liberal sources.

    Why does google deliver THIS and none of the NEWS articles about how many people WANT Wal-Mart jobs??

    More of the misinformation campaign that permeates our society today!

    • Libertarian Advocate

      I was thinking more along the lines of DB, by which I don’t – this time – mean Dullard Bill.

  4. Anonymous

    Because Google is run by Eric Schmidt, close friend and advocate of The Amateur. The results are typically slanted way left.

  5. Chief Scrotum

    I hope you folks do realize that when corps pay minimum wages and benefits, that the workers then supplement their incomes via social service programs (such as food stamps, etc) and as these same workers tend to be non-taxpayers, it is in effect a silent government subsidy(read your tax dollars get transferred) to the workers allowing the corp to avoid these costs.
    Senior managements tend to be the most rewarded by these schemes, but it just shifts costs onto the general taxpayers from the corp and their customers.

    • Anonymous2

      The problem is not that corporations pay minimum wages to minimally worth workers it is that the government sets the bar for free money far too low.

    • Peg

      And when the corporations then hire robots for certain tasks (who don’t take potty breaks, need health care premiums, sick days, etc., etc.) and the jobs go away – what transfer of wealth happens then?

      As anon2 says below – the government simply shovels too many benefits to people.

      The “living wage” rage is simply BS. Do what I and my ancestors did: scrape by on entry level wages. Live with Mom and Dad. Rent a room for peanuts and ditch the smart phone, cable TV and other “necessities of life.” Get enough skills so that you can soon move from your entry level job to something a bit better – and so forth and so on.

      Being a cashier at Wal-Mart was never intended to be a job that supports 3 or 4 people.

      Grow a pair and act like grown-ups, Americans!

      • Anonymous Citizenette

        Well said. These jobs used to be called “entry-level” jobs for a good reason. When we all had them when we were young, did any of us think, well I’m all set, this is great, this is the job I want forever? For chrissakes I would have done myself in if that were even a remote possibility. Work really hard and train/educate yourself and you will succeed, we never doubted it. That’s how life in a society is supposed to work.

  6. Went out of my way to shop at one in Denver …