Off to (a few) open houses

Limited list today, presumably because of the Jewish holiday, and that, in turn, pushes many new listings to wait until next week, when schedules return to normal, before being entered into the Greenwich MLS.

16 Dingletown Road

16 Dingletown Road

One I won’t have to see because I’ve seen it before is 16 Dingletown Road. I’ve always liked this house; 10,000 sq. ft., removed from Dingletown itself, on a nice yard, but when it first showed up new in 2008 its builders listed it for $8.995 million, a price that caused me to predict it would take a long time to sell. That prediction was borne out, and it didn’t sell until the close of 2011, for  “just” $5.6 million. The buyers put it back up for sale last May for $6.150 and are holding another broker open house today, inviting us to see it with it’s new “huge price reduction” price, which, after two previous cuts, is now $5.5 million. Even allowing for the excesses of Realtorese, is “huge” an apt adjective?  A net reduction of $100,000 from its 2012 purchase price may be painful to the owners, but it doesn’t exactly scream “Fire sale! This one won’t last!” , to me.


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6 responses to “Off to (a few) open houses

  1. Riverside

    I could say some snarky things about the interiors, but actually this looks like a really nice house. It seems to be priced pretty well given the location, size and (presumed) quality.

    • It is a very nice house. My chief complaint when I saw it freshly-built was that there was just one, small (for this price range) master closet. I might stop by today to see if that’s been corrected but otherwise, there’s nothing not to like here. And you’re right: decent price for its neighborhood and size. $8.995 was overly-optimistic; $5.5 is better.

  2. Timmy Tinkletoes

    Nice house, but “Dingletown” is just so silly-sounding. My friends wouldn’t respect me if I lived there.

  3. Anonymous

    Looks like Eagle Hill School

  4. anon

    Cigar verandah? Oh puhleeze. Goes with the rest of the over wrought decor and prose.