That brave AP reporter who dared challenge the White House line is outnumbered by his lickspittle peers

Widening the circle of responsibility: Bobby took 'em, not me!"

Widening the circle of responsibility: “It was Bobby what took ’em, not me!”

Just as a few of us were applauding Matt Lee for inquiring whether the entire administration had underdone a spine-removal procedure over the weekend, the rest of his pack were hitting a new low in hiding the news under euphemisms and just plain, unadulterated bullshit.

From Best of the Web:

Republicans also have reason to suspect that Obama’s decision to request congressional approval was an effort to put them on the spot–and his ludicrous denial yesterday that he “set a red line” or that his credibility is at stake reinforces that view.

The fierce watchdogs of the press, confronted with this brazen falsehood, show themselves once again to be Obama’s pet hamsters. Instead of giving a “pants on fire” rating,’s Jon Greenberg claims Obama was “reframing comments rather than denying them.” Greenberg can’t even say the statement is half true, so he withholds a rating altogether. Peter Baker of the New York Times has his own euphemisms, writing that Obama was “citing longstanding international norms” and “trying to break out of his isolation.” The funniest dodges come from Shawna Thomas of NBC News, who on Twitter calls Obama’s whopper “a definite change in tone” and an attempt “to unilaterally widen the circle of responsibility.”


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10 responses to “That brave AP reporter who dared challenge the White House line is outnumbered by his lickspittle peers

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    It is shocking to say, but Putin actually has much more credibility than the Loser in Chief, and his flunky, Lurch. Putin flat out called Lurch a liar, and I believe him. Putin, not Lurch. Plus Putin is decisive and clear. Barry is indecisive and evasive.

    This Administration is the least transparent, most dishonest, morally corrupt and most INCOMPETENT in our entire history. BY A MILE!! The fact the MSM ignores this is why they have no credibility and have rendered themselves irrelevant.

    It certainly looks like the Liar in Chief will not get the votes he needs to bomb Syria. Which I actually think he is hoping for. Because he made a stupid threat he should not have made and now needs to save face.

    Let the towel heads continue to kill each other and stay on the sidelines for now. We can bomb our way to peace later if we don’t like the way things turn out. Right?

    If he does in fact bomb Syria if the House says no, he really should be impeached. This whole affair really does show what a bunch of losers we have on both sides. Boner, Cantor, Pelossi, McCain, Reed and Biden, to name but a few. All ignorant dolts.

    How smart was Pants Suits to get out of town?
    Your Pal,

  2. Daniel

    You know there is something wrong when Corker and Boxer vote yes on intervention.

  3. AJ

    Everything is covered up or manipulated by a complicit press and it’s something that has been going on in full force since the days of Woodrow Wilson. The following video, which is a tape of a lecture given by Jim Marrs – the lecture doesn’t really begin until 0:14:00 after someone introduces Marrs and then he introduces himself. What the lecture is about is how the globalists have been using a divide a conquer strategy to take over the world since the days of World War I, and, in fact, even put Lenin and Hitler into power.

    At 0:21:00 – 0:24:00 we see how German banker Paul Warburg, one of the founders of the Federal Reserve, and head of the first Federal Reserve’s Board of Directors, was put in charge of finance for WWI, while in Germany, his brother Max Warburg, head of the Reichsbank was in charge of financing the war for Germany. Max Warburg also provided safe passage to Lenin through Germany in a sealed rail car into Russia to establish the Soviet Union. And also, how Trotsky was sent by Wall Street Financier Jacob Schiff, to Russia with millions of dollars and a bunch of revolutionaries to help set up communism in Russia. The ship was impounded by the Canadians, with Trotsky being held as an enemy, but Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill insisted that the Canadians free the ship and that Trotsky be allowed to go on his way.

    Another interesting part of the video begins at 1:10:00 where we see some extremely interesting photos of the Pentagon on 9-11 before the wall collapses. At 1:10:47 we see the building on fire but notice the walls have been pushed out from an explosion inside the building. At 1:10:55, the fire has been put out, the wall is still standing, and you notice some strange things: the hole where the plane entered is not much larger than a pickup truck and there is no damage from where the wings and very heavy engines should have made contact; a car sits just outside the hole that should have been obliterated by the wings, and yet it sits pretty much undamaged; and on the interior of the building at 1:12:47 we see desks and books, and papers sitting, not even slightly scorched from a fire that was so hot that it entirely melted every bit of the airplane. Even if you’re a product of modern education – this stuff just doesn’t add up.

    In my opinion, the entire video is time well spent:

  4. Anonymous

    I’m shocked at Obama’s response to a reporter’s question. Forgetting that he referred to MY military once again, the reason he claims he went to congress is because he “can not honestly say that (assad’s use of WMD) posed an imminent, direct threat to the United States” nor did the WMD attack “immediately directly have an impact on our allies” He just made the case for every politician inclined to vote “NO”