Brad Hvolbeck had a busy weekend

Two accepted offers reported, one large, one a mere starter home, by Brad’s standards but hey, he’s not proud.

44 Conyers Farm

44 Conyers Farm

44 Conyers Farm asked $14.5 million and 535 days after first making that request, it has a buyer.

545 North Street

545 North Street

In the lower range, 545 North Street, $6.495 million, also is reported as under contract. Sold new in 1999 for $4.4.


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11 responses to “Brad Hvolbeck had a busy weekend

  1. CEA

    Is there a cliche that the “stone in front, clapboard on the sides” 545 North Street DOESN’T have?

    • Anonymous

      This is what finds the largest universe of buyers, it is a conservative town, interesting architectural styles can be punished here with a diminished buyer base. The house seems quite pleasant, generic high end.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called Round Hillmullet

  2. Cos Cobber

    If Conyers Farm pulls in a price above 12MM ish, alot of back country people in the 12k sq ft+ houses will feel a little better.

  3. Flash

    Judging from the decor,
    545 North owners are trading up and have bought 44 Conyers,
    44 Conyers are downsizing and bought 545 North
    Actually I wonder if they bought furnished.

  4. more money for hotdogs

    brad can now pack on more calories

  5. Anonymous

    will the buyers hire his bro to do a home inspection?

  6. anon

    Not sure I agree with your assessment on the Hvolbeck bros, but in any case Brad will be able to buy more gold Rolexes and more big S class Mercedes.

  7. AJ

    Conyers Farm has oil heat. Ouch! Bet they’re praying for no military action in Syria.