Accepted offer in Havemeyer

33 MacCarthur Drive: roof, chimney and driveway included!

33 MacCarthur Drive: roof, chimney and driveway included!

33 MacCarthur Drive, $1.1 million, gone in 7 days. The owner paid $905,000 for it in 2008 and clearly put some money in it, but not so much as to prevent her from making some money on this project (she’s a real estate agent, so commission costs will be reduced). I might quibble with the use of the term “understated elegance” for a home in Havemeyer – I prefer “elegant without being overly ostentatious” myself-and I’d point out that, at a million-bucks plus, people probably expect to find that the “master bedroom suit has a full bath”, but all that really counts is whether she priced this right, and she obviously did.


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27 responses to “Accepted offer in Havemeyer

  1. InfoDiva

    it looks completely turnkey, which I suspect is hugely important for most entry level buyers in town.

  2. Toonces

    High price per square foot for that area. Nice renovation job.

  3. EOSredux

    Very cute house. Do you think the square footage listed includes the basement? And taxes are really only $5,900??????

    Love that the realtor seller wrote such a glowing listing description of her own renovation! But hey, it sold in seven days. Bravo.

  4. Jonathan

    I understand that this house deserves a premium for being turnkey (mine was too and extracted a premium for it this past Spring), but I still find $1.1M for a 1400 SQFT with a 1 car garage in Havemeyer to be quite insane.

    • InfoDiva

      Never underestimate the value of a good staging job, which is what this realtor-owner did from start to finish. Just enough bells and whistles to give the impression of a higher-end property. Buyers in this price range are weary of seeing baby blue toilets and window a/c. . Give them stainless steel and pencil tile and they are entranced, willing to overlook the lack of square footage.

      Buyers also overestimate the cost of renovations like this and with a two income couple the hassle factor alone overcomes their concern about overpaying for turnkey.

      This realtor played her hand perfectly. More sellers should take a lesson from her.

  5. Anonymous

    “4 nicely sized bedrooms”. Given the house is less than 1500 sf, I think this statement is a big stretch but as previous posts stated, it charmed someone.

  6. Anonymous

    Not quite turnkey: the MBR needs a new roll of toilet paper.

  7. Yardbird

    No inventory in this price range. Anything that pops up and is in move in condition or as you all put it “turn key”, will go quickly.
    High and Dry in NoPo right around 1 million and turn key….consider it sold.

  8. Anonymous

    1400 sq. ft is friggin palatial to former nyc couples who move out here, especially to at least one who likely hates the fact that they’re no longer living in manhattan, but are out here in the land of ramadamadingdong schools for the proverbial “trade off’s” or “compromise.” in other words, it’s the tipping point where a man’s testicles have moved in the vertical plane and are now up to approximately his tonsils, causing him to utter stupid shit like, “oh honey, yeah i really love that carrera marble vanity top, it’s what i’ve always dreamed about and wanted in a turnkey cape-style home. say, can i go to whole foods and get you an applewood smoked organic turkey breast sandwich on homemade ciabatta with pesto mayo and arugula? would you like some honestea to drink too? oh, i love you too dear.”

  9. Anonymous

    which, by the way, is still the most efficient zone system. unfortunately, the visuals aren’t so hot.

    a mini split high velocity system would be perfect for this place, with little to no visual impact.

  10. greenITCH

    They really fit 4 bedrooms in this 1460 sq home ? ….as even that office looks a bit cramped … that said as has been mentioned it is turn key

  11. Anonymous

    MacCarthur even has a guest house in the back yard. I got to say it is incredibly well staged, for a childless couple it would be a great place. Maybe not all houses need to be torn down to be livable.

  12. Anonymous

    Agree w/ Riverside Chick, current sweet spot $800k-$1.65mm…can’t beat the taxes, newly paved roads, young families everywhere all then need is some gates!

  13. Anonymous

    i like bacon, and houses priced right……well done!

  14. NoPo chick

    Chris if I had the facebook like option to “like” shoeless’s comment I would.