Well duh

Bryan Preston: Putin pulls the football away, again

Russia is not keen at this stage for a binding U.N. Security Council resolution that would provide a framework to control Syria’s chemical weapons’ stocks, France’s foreign minister said after talks with his Russian counterpart on Tuesday.

“As I understood, the Russians at this stage were not necessarily enthusiastic, and I’m using euphemism, to put all that into the framework of a U.N. binding resolution,” Laurent Fabius told French lawmakers after a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Obama is being played. The Russian deal forced him to change course and re-write tonight’s speech at the last minute. Now he has to re-write it again, or pretend that the Russians didn’t just drop a flaming bag of something on the White House doorstep. It will be grimly amusing to see what Obama tells the American people about all this now. The words “fiasco” and “clusterf*ck” have been said by others today. He won’t use either word, but that doesn’t mean both don’t apply.

Harry Reid pretended that the Russia deal drove him to halt a vote on force in the Senate. The reality is that Democrat votes for force were “dropping like flies,” and the prospect of passage in the House was always grim. Obama lost the Congressional Black Caucus today. Sen. Mitch McConnell came out against bombing today, breaking with the House GOP leaders who had supported it, and probably killing off any chance that the Senate would help Obama out by at least giving him a split vote in Congress. The likelihood now is that he gets rejected by both houses with actual “No” votes or implicitly if neither brings the authorization to a vote, and then has to decide if he wants to strike Syria anyway. Does Barry feel lucky?

So Obama is being played by Putin. The question is, does he know or even care that he’s being played? He seemed happy enough to grab Putin’s hand and get out of his jam. Now what’s he going to do? Putin is saying that there will be no quick fix, and that he intends to keep on using the UN to mess around with Obama, promise him a prize, then take it away, over and over again. Playing the part of Lucy, Vlad Putin. Playing the part of Charlie Brown trying to kick a football, Barack Obama. For a while to come.

And here’s some rare footage of our two Harvard Ivy League grads, Barry and Kerry, confronting Vladimir: in the movie, Vladimir is sent on his way – in real life, our own smart guys would slip him five bucks and ask him for investment advice.


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  1. Flyangler

    I get my news from a broad range of sources and today leaves me speechless. Why? Well, in a three hour period, I heard discussion on two ideologically opposite news organizations make similar arguments that one should “follow the money” on this and understand why the USA seems to be looking to inexplicably get involved in this mess. It seems that the country of Qatar, a US ally, has vast natural gas resources that it wants to move via pipeline to Western Europe. The countries of Western Europe are under duress because their current natural gas supplies come through a pipeline out of Russian and the Russians are more than willing to use that as leverage, both in pricing and other matters. Thus, the W European countries are HIGHLY interested in the construction of an alternative source/pipeline of gas to loosen the Russian’s leverage.

    Now it gets tricky because Russia is both an ally of Syria (maintains a naval presence in a Syrian port) and uninterested in this new pipeline being built. Thus, keeping Assad in power is in the national interests of Russia and not in the national interest of either our Western European allies nor our ally in Qatar. Thus, the US has a low-level interest is seeing Assad removed from power running on the assumption that any succeeding government in Damascus will be willing to let the pipeline be built.

    So, the Russian gambit of the past 24 hours is purely an economic effort on their part as they seek to keep Assad from being displaced by a US/allies missile strike. Thus, today’s demand by Russia/Syria that “the US and its allies give up the military option” is inline with protecting Assad and preventing a possible pipeline into Europe. Does this all make sense now?

    Like everything else, IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY.

    As much as I want to believe that Obama is incompetent and this is just another example of their oxymoronic “smart diplomacy”, there may just be a reason to explain the madness.

    • Anon

      It’s a good take, except for the pipeline ex-Qatar part. The Qataris are very much invested in moving their gas by boat in liquefied form and have invested heavily in fleet of ships and downstream regard terminals in UK, and ‘States but mostly pushing their gas into Asia where the top prices are paid. Russians have been fighting the gas resource war on two fronts (pipe to Europe and LNG to Asia) and before had decent duopoly with Qatar going, but shale has upset the cart so to speak…

      • t

        Anon 10:42

        Should the Straight of Hormuz close?

        • Anon

          Yes, in theory they be could closed, mostly attributed to Iran’s actions, but many consider duration would be pretty short given our interest in keeping the oil cargoes flowing, and the likelihood we could force the Straits back open after a much limited time (days or weeks at most)…IMHO

  2. Kerry’s a Yalie, not a Cantab.

  3. Anonymous

    obama is done in the middle east… the Israelis now sleep with the russians…obama is out there on his own..period

  4. Saw that coming! Obonehead and cronies are no match for Vlad, sad as it may be!

  5. I mIss W

    I’m a true believer in the “follow the money” in political moves – when you consider the money donated in Presidential elections you know the lame duck term is payback time.

    Never was the term “lame duck” more apt.

  6. Anonymous2

    I’d point out that along with everything else the Russians have a big interest in neutralizing Islamic radicalism.

    Some estimates put the Muslim population of the Russian Federation at 14% compared to 1% here in the US. There is a sizable Muslim population in Moscow. There have been a number of Islamist inspired terrorist incidents in Russia. There are several Muslim-majority republics within the Russian Federation including the Chechen Republic, Tartarstan and Bashkortostan.

    Finally, Assad’s family has a history of fighting Islamism. Tens of thousands were killed by the Syrian military in Hama in the early 1980s during the rule of Haffez al-Assad.

  7. Flyangler

    I neglected to mention that the two opposite media sources were PBS and Glenn Beck.

  8. Flyangler

    Anon2, Assad’s family protected the Syrian Christians which have become a target for genocide by the jihadists. As for the muslims in Russia, let’s not forget the massacre at the Beslin School.

  9. George Leroy Tirebiter

    That Trading Places clip with Eddie Murphy unfortunately starts after the great line “Hey baby, once you try a man with no legs you’ll never go back!” LOL

    Very funny movie and as a former floor trader I can attest that all the trading floor scenes (with all the spontaneous-order choreographed chaos, body language and lingo) are very realistic–better than any other movie depiction I’ve ever seen. I think that those scenes were filmed at an exchange floor in the World Trade Center and some real traders were used as extras and to give technical advice.