Anyone else remember the Mary Capozza murder?

A reader just reminded me of the 1987 unsolved murder of Mary Capozza, who disappeared from her home on Byram Shore Road and turned up in the Kensico reservoir, in a duffle bag. Following their  usual procedure the Greenwich Police declared it a suicide and closed the case, but some in town still wonder whether that in fact is what happened.

And a reader writes that poor Mary had a husband, Andy, who lived in a separate part of their house due to marital discord. I do believe I’d have started a search for a perpetrator with him.


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16 responses to “Anyone else remember the Mary Capozza murder?

  1. Riverside Chick

    People that commit suicide,don’t do it in a duffle bag.

    • Tell that to the police, who in the 30s (? around then) labelled as suicide a guy found dead. I may be wrong about who broke the story but I’m pretty sure it was Bernie Yudane, then a young reporter, maybe editor, of Greenwich Time, who discovered that the autopsy disclosed that the “suicide” had taken the trouble to shoot himself six times in the back. We still follow this practice. Remember Andy Kissel’ “suicide”, where he bound his hands behind his back and stabbed himself to death? Hey, it keeps the books clear.

  2. AJ

    Remember this one:

    “… The next day, Pellicci’s keys and three pistols were found on top of a frozen Greenwich reservoir, one of the guns belonging to Pellicci, said police. On March 2 of that year, Pellicci’s body was found in the back of a car, wrapped in a blanket and tied up with cable wires in North Salem, N.Y. He had been shot six times in the back of the head, said Lupinacci. …”

  3. LAK

    Isnt the other Kissell brother now dead? The Milkshake Murder?
    And Kissels wife has her kids plus her brother in-laws kids to raise?

    Pellicci – mafia murder
    Capozza – mafia murder

  4. Anonymous

    how about the chief of KBW, dont let the name fool you, he’s an Itie and gwich born and raised….he’s murdered hundreds…not a good guy

    • Anon58

      I know the individual you are referring to, and what the hell are you talking about? I also happen to be an “Itie” and take offense to the use of that slang.

  5. Sad story that murder. Mother of three young children and found in her sons hockey bag if my memory was correct.

    She was in the process of getting divorced from her husband and rumor had it she was going to get 50% of his business, which I think (?) was a mason business down in the city.

    in the 1990’s her daughter tried to commit suicide by driving her car off the tappen zee bridge. when she could not get her car to punch through the barrier, she stopped the car and then jumped over the edge. She broke her back and got paralyzed when she hit the water. A volunteer fire fighter saw the whole thing and jumped in after her and rescued her. I have no idea how she is doing today but assume she is still wheel chair bound.

    That was no suicide.

    • I just remembered that I put the incident in a novel I wrote back in 1994 or so. The husband’s “alibi” was “gee, I dunno, I wuz watching TV, never heard a t’ing”.

      And yes, the poor daughter is still paralyzed.

  6. Anon58

    And speaking of great local detective work, where do things stand on the Matthew Margolies investigation? He was murdered in August 1984.

    • dogwalker

      This one has come up a couple of times on a Facebook group. Several have claimed that the police know who did it, but there is no evidence. One person actually named the “suspect” on Facebook, claiming they had ties to an official in Port Chester, and thus was not pursued.

  7. Anonymous

    so anon58..your buddy pulls people out of firms, sucks them dry and cuts them loose with the year, hes done it over and many people have sued him and his a little home for your not liking the use of the slang ..too bad

    • Anon58

      That equates to murder?

      • Anonymous

        when you put a large number of men who have families out into the street and give your self a raise so your salary =600k ( forget about bonus) while many of these former employees are tapping and exhausting the savings to survive ..well call it what you want …i can go on and on with a litany of bad acts by a bad actor…

  8. Anonymous

    Have to love our police. This really makes me feel good about all the money we spend to equip them with the best money can buy. I don’t blame all our police but I believe it is a problem at the top. If the boss signs off on this shoddy work and everyone gets paid nothing is going to change.
    What is going to happen to their crony who breaks the law by putting his mooring in the wrong spot, refuses to pay the town his mooring fee and calls in a false report on the harbormaster? My money is on nothing. Nothing at all, but if any non retired cop were to make a false police report we would be arrested. Mr. Tessi needs to step up and clean up this mess.

  9. Anonymous

    gwich police are rude and insensitive…cat stuck in tree they bring a bazooka…you need some intellectual detective work .. good luck