Sometimes, you just have to change the channel and move on

64 Howard Road

64 Howard Road

64 Howard Road, away up yonder on the Stamford border, is back on the market, still listed at $2.550 million. The owner is a (former?) newscaster who was  hottie when we both lived in Bangor Maine – made the evening news almost enjoyable, even if she seemed no more intelligent than any others in that box of bricks, made her way down here to New York and made, presumably, a lot of money. It may be time for her to let some of it go.

The house was sold to her for $2.775 million in 2004, which is what happens to people who come out from the Big City to buy a house in the country, so it must have seemed logical to her to list it for $2.995 in 2010 when she decided to sell. Logical, perhaps, but two brokers and 904 days later it remains unsold – time for a time check, lady.

I like the northeastern corner of Greenwich because it still feels rural, but historically, homebuyers have not shared that affection, and prices up here are much lower than in much of the rest of town. 2004 probably marked the top of the curve for upper Taconic, and certainly prices haven’t increased since then. 64 Howard is a very good house and someone will like it very much but, and  I’m just guessing here, I see another price drop in this home’s future before it is finally sold.


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17 responses to “Sometimes, you just have to change the channel and move on

  1. Anonymous

    it’s beautiful up there. not convenient to anything and winter driving sucks, but, it’s beautiful.

    have looked at a place at howard & tod, but it just didn’t quite fit the bill.

  2. Toonces

    I like this one. A horse in the barn and put in a pool and it would be perfect

  3. Toonces

    if you like driving

    • It is a hike, especially if you have kids to take to school, but it’s pretty much a straight shot down Taconic to North and from there, 4 (?) more miles to town. I’d guess maybe 15 minutes, total. Of course, if you make that trip three or four times a day, the distance will seem greater.

      • EOSredux

        No wonder Bedford residents think Greenwich peeps are a bunch of lightweights. Driving is what we do here; lots of it. Pop up to North Salem for cider. Over to Pound Ridge to the supermarket. To Katonah for something great at Charles Department Store. To Mount Kisco for the fish market. To Carmel for the DMV. Slum it across to Greenwich to get honked at by a Range Rover mom.

        I drove the kids 15 minutes to school. Then there were the years when each child did some sort of sport (okay, I admit to hating those years!). Scouting. Weekend ski trips or to RI. Never once thought about it. Nor did the kids. It was what everyone did. That’s why God make Suburbans with 4wd; get up, go, drive, do. Rinse and repeat.

        Howard is hardly a hoof from town folks. Really. But I see so many CT plates at the Bedford supermarkets that I am convinced backcountry residents find it an easier North Street shot into Bedford shops than into downtown Greenwich.

  4. anon

    I know that property. Swamp, like seriously under water wet swamp. And sideways right along the property line, down hill from the neighbor, which went in foreclosure, also a swamp. Horse barn? Sea horses maybe. Pass.

  5. Anonymous

    You’re all completely missing the main attraction to this house: with a solid Big Bertha-aided drive from the southwest corner of the property, you might land a golf ball right on Stevie Cohen’s lovely putting green.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s an easy drive- Try getting from Riverside or Old Greenwich to the Ave. when 95 is backed up! (which happens all the time!) Sitting in traffic vs. smooth driving- same difference in the end. Also getting through the traffic in Old Greenwich isn’t much fun. How long does one have to allow?? Especially when construction starts on the bridge! With all the new FEMA rules and regulations back country is going to look very advantageous vs living in flood zones and paying that insurance etc. An extra 5 min in the car really isn’t that big of a deal. This is a nice house!!

  7. FF

    Did you know Bangor Maine is home of one of the last two Howard Johnson’s restaurants?

  8. Matt

    I totally agree with Anon at 5:52 am. Try getting from Old Greenwich or Riverside to central Greenwich quicker than you can from Howard. I’ll race you and bet I win. Also good luck getting to Brunswick or Sacred Hart from Old Greenwich, it’s 30 mins each way during school rush hour. I never saw the appeal of living and commuting from OG south of town but obviously a lot of people do and pay a premium to do so. Now add all the fun FEMA stuff you have to deal with down there, not so up here in the high country.

    • Toonces

      I live in OG and am finding I agree with anon 552 and Matt. I think driving past binney park is what is nice about living here (and proximity to Tod’s). Other than that though you are looking at long commutes/traffic – even to Greenwich High school. It has taken me 3o mins to get there when traffic is really heavy. Backcountry you can just drive – no lights. All reasons why we are expanding our search north. Latest I am hearing about new Fema rules and hopefully I am hearing wrong: I was told that even if you can secure flood insurance for a property that needs raising, that the banks don’t want to give mortgages for said properties. So, cash only for these homes? I hope that’s wrong.