Which is why we call it Rogue’s Hill

Brutal attack by bat-wielding husband up at 261 Round Hill Road.

261 Round Hill Road

261 Round Hill Road

The husband, Michael DeMaio, (who does not work for JP Morgan, Teri Buhl reports, even though Greenwich Time says he does) explained to the police that “he lost it” when his wife announced she was leaving him. Had the idiot kept track of the listing price of his (wife’s) house, he might not have been taken by surprise. It started at $8.998 million in 2012, suddenly dropped a million in November of last year to $7.998 and dropped still later to $7.299. On August 8, 2013, the house was withdrawn from the market; I’m guessing that was on the advice of a divorce lawyer as a dissolution suit was being prepared.

I am certainly not making light of this horrible act: the woman is in critical condition and has, according to the police, probably suffered permanent brain damage. But it’s interesting how Round Hill Road seems to draw far more than its share of criminals.


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  1. LAK

    So sad for her.
    I will keep her in my prayers

  2. The New Normal

    horrible tragedy

    now that it’s all over the news, does it become more difficult to sell the house?

    • Cos Cobber

      wow. dumb question of the day.

      • Fabulous – I’m adding it to my “useful links” roll
        OOPS! I just checked an address and you have to pay for the info, which is fair, but annoying. I’m going to drop it. But it does promise (for free) some info on the effect of a death in a property. My take is that a gruesome murder, like Nicole Simpson or that guy up on Dairy Road, will kill a sale, so to speak (both houses ended up being torn down), while a peaceful death won’t, and suicides maybe will, maybe won’t.
        But notorious murders definitely don’t help the process.

        • i was too cheap to actually try it out (if i hear bumps in the night, i can come up with the cash pronto)

        • FF

          I testified as an “expert witness” (feel free) in a trial in Hartford of the impact of celebrity in real estate pricing – credentials due in part to some interesting transactions I did during my NYC days. The result of the research showed that only “notorious” murders create any value, and only after a decent interval. Bundy wound up selling for well more than the Brown family dumped it for, Sharon Tates house went for nearly 20 times what Roman Polansky sold it for. Garden variety violence results, however, in radically lower values for a house going years and years into the future. Its creepy, but if the poor lady passes on, the house will probably drop 40-50% in value now and in the future.

  3. ShedLessToolMan

    was was already difficult to sell as obvious by reductions.. but, I really feel bad for this woman.. This was horrific.. and with her mother there to witness.. this is really a bad situation.. and I am truly sorry for the family

    • CEA

      They had children, too. That is what I never understand – how do you kill your children’s mother? They’re teens and early 20s and now have either a permanently brain-damaged mother or a deceased one, and a father in prison.

      $10 says he was an abusive husband (if not father) and she finally got the courage to leave him.

  4. Anonymous

    not cool.. i was taught early, never raise your hand to a women ..beating your wife with a baseball bat..seriously. unfortunately when this market (stock, bond , housing ..pick one) comes apart again you will see more episodes like this among the rich and famous of NY and fairfield county.
    druckenmiller.. “we are topping out”


    • My own girls were taught never, ever to give a male who strikes them a second chance, no matter what excuse he proffers. And, not that he needed an explicit directive, but my son knows never to raise his hand to a woman. It just is so revealing of a lack of respect,first, and worse, it exposes a very sick, dangerous mind.

  5. Al Dente

    I think it’s been demonstrated that anyone can snap in this day of pills, stress, booze, money woes, etc. Discussions like this might be best conducted on the phone, in an attorney’s office, with guards standing by, whatever.

    This is a horrible incident and I pray for her recovery, and his permanent incarceration.

  6. How long before CT requires background checks for baseball bat buyers?

    • If it saves the life of just one child ….

      • FF

        BAT RULE:
        The American Legion modified the bat rule in January of this year.
        The rule is
        very simple.

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    • Anonymous

      Such sad news on an already somber day. Hope everyone here can take one day to refrain from hostile barbs and insults and just be a little kinder to one another. Prayers with the DeMaio family.

    • LAK

      WTF was the baseball bat doing in the bedroom closet?
      “I lost it” – this is his claim that it was temporary insanity.
      Scum bag

      • A baseball bat could be an effective weapon for self-defense, so its presence in a closet doesn’t necessarily signal, to me, a mens rea. That doesn’t mean he’s not a scum bag, of course.

  7. Anon

    I’m confused. The housed pictured is obviously in NJ and yet you are talking about it as if it is in CT. They can’t put wheels on houses that big, can they?

  8. Anon

    Okay, I think I know why I was confused. I was thinking it was Russell Simmons’ NJ house.

  9. Anonymous

    totowa nj..i only know if it b/c of those two shiftless reality characters in the news due to fraud….nj=not for me

  10. AJ

    Speaking of murder (how to kill a donut), I found a Tim Hortons Donut Shoppe and bought some donuts. They don’t taste anything at all like the ones in Canada — more like the pre boxed, Brand-X ones you’d find in a supermarket in fact. However, one of the supermarkets in the area has an in-store bakery and bakes their own — phew, the good, greasy, salty with some crispy spots, not overly sweet things that I know and love. I am speaking, of course of the à l’ancienne, nature, or what you guys would call plain.

    • AJ, it’s almost worth the trip to come here and sample a Lakeside Diner donut. As you describe, baked on the premises, served still warm if you get there early, plain or, my favorite, sugar. Until just a couple of months ago they were fifty cents, now seventy-fve but light years away and ahead of the buck-a-donut, baked in a factory Dunkin Donuts sold across the street.

  11. AJ

    I find this guy’s behavior hard to comprehend — a real smooth operator. All he had to do was say, “See ya,” and he could be spending the night with some $20 hookers, smoking $100 Cuban cigars. Instead he’s locked in jail; about to lose everything.

  12. AJ

    There are plenty of people out there who use tons of coke — your town is chock full of them — who aren’t even slightly violent.

    • Riverside Chick

      They’re the ones that mix if with pot or Xanax to mellow them out and I wouldn’t be so sure that they wouldn’t snap, bad drug really screws with the brain.

      • AJ

        Yeah, it must have been pot, or lack of pot, the murderer’s recreational drug of choice, that is if you don’t decide to take nap on your way to commit the crime, True, a lot of people who do coke like to smoke pot at the same time, and even more prefer to do coke and drink (most people don’t get violent when they drink: go to any bar, most people are looking to get laid, not get in a fight). But that’s half the town of Greenwich (I exaggerate, but not by much), and most of them aren’t going off on people. You sound like the authorities after Columbine who were so sure the shootings could be attributed to pot, and so disappointed when they found out it was not the case. I think it was more likely the steak: all murderers are known to eat beef. Watch out for people who like it rare. I’d say it’s a safe bet that no murderers are vegans, and if they are, it’s likely they’re liars like Bill Clinton, or someone slipped them some meat, or meat extract.

        But as far as psychotropic prescription drugs, Xanax being one, you are right. I believe 100% of all mass shootings have been committed by someone who is either on or coming off psychotropic prescription drugs — a fact the MSM seems to repeatedly ignore. But some people are just self-centered, all important, I can get away with anything animals. And I’ll bet in this case, it is the case.

  13. Riverside Chick

    I’m sure the police took blood and it will come out in the police report. I’m sure it was a nice cocktail of drugs.

  14. Anonymous

    that chimp in stamford was on xanax ( and probably coke too but that is unconfirmed) chimps dont need baseball bats

  15. Walt

    Dude –
    This really is a horrific story, and I hope she comes through this ok. What is it with the Wop’s and baseball bats? And who let them in to Round Hill? They should be in Cos Cob with the rest of their kind.

    And she was a nutritionist. I wouldn’t think they make much money, so how did they afford this crib?

    And how do you attack your wife with a bat? IN THEIR HOME! IN THEIR BEDROOM! Where his wife sleeps… and his children play with their toys. GODFATHER DUDE!!
    Your Pal,

    • LAK

      He does look like a real Guido!

      • Anon

        You dopes making the italian slurs are showing your advanced age. People under the age of 60 don’t talk about italians as “wops” any more (thankfully), and the cool young folks don’t even think that way.

        Yes, I am italian and proud.

        btw, nothing against the “over 60 crowd”, just the “stupid racist over 60 crowd”.

        • Walt

          You must consider Italians to be black, otherwise it can’t be racist. You dolt. Get with the program. Italians are not a protected class.

          How do Italian girls shave their legs? They lie down outside and have someone mow them!

          What do you get when you cross an Italian and a Pollack? A guy who makes you an offer you can’t understand!!

          If Tarzan and Jane were Italian, what would Cheetah be? The least hairy of the three!!

  16. Just_looking

    So, where did he get the money to buy the house?

  17. Anonymous

    Elementary, my dear Watson: he made the money, but he put the home in her name. She was going to sell it and take the money. When she told him that she was leaving with the money, he lost it.

  18. Anonymous

    my father (78) dropped the word “ginzo” the other day to refer to the guy coming over to chop the wood for the winter…beats wop, i geuss……..dont be so sensitive, btw have you seen your people on tv

    • Hey, who just beat his wife upside the head with a baseball bat?

    • Anon

      Honestly, not very sensitive here. Born and raised in Greenwich, my father (who was born in Italy) worked really hard to raise and educate his kids so they could “make good” in America (and all have – doctors (2), lawyer, businessmen). Not really sure what you mean by my “people”?

      From my perspective it’s no more acceptable to use words like wop or ginzo than it is to use words like spic or nigger or faggot. It’s not about specific “protected classes”, its about pushing back against ignorance and prejudice.

      • Walt

        Oh really? And who made you the judge and jury about what speech is acceptable, and what is not? You holier than thou ignorant little slut. It’s about CENSORSHIP and denying free speech. Because YOU decided you don’t like it. Well you know what? Then don’t read it. Or better yet, shove it up your sensitive little ass.

        If you are so “sensitive” DON’T GO ON THE INTERNET. Don’t watch TV!! Lock yourself in a padded room where you belong AND STAY THERE!!

        Do you like porn? Should we ban that if it offends you? Should we ban ALL adjectives and go “gender neutral” on everything, so no one EVER gets offended? She we ban anything and everything that ONE PERSON finds offensive? You Nazi.

        If you think that it’s more important not to offend, and that it is ALWAYS more important to right social ills than it is to make jokes, you were born with a stick up your ass, and you aspire to a humorless, censored society. You are as interesting as a pile of shit. I pity you, you frigid little moron.

        Humor can be funny, disrespectful and blasphemous. There is no line or sacred cows, and it’s dangerous to impose one. You are too ignorant to grasp this.
        You obviously do not have the intellectual capacity to understand these concepts. And your beliefs are contrary to the Constitution. But politically correct in the Libtard, sanitized, “we are all the same” Utopia that you aspire to. COUNT ME OUT!! You vile little grape stomping GOOMBAH!!

        • I believe the proper response, Walt, is “never let a day go by, kill the damned Italian!”
          At least it’s shorter than your screed, but perhaps its brevity doesn’t allow you enough time for venting.

        • Anon

          Walt, really, save your insults for someone who cares. Actually, I often find you to be humorous, but I’m not with you on this one. And fyi, I’m not a “libertard” – if anything I would be a “conservatard”, since I’m about as conservative a republican as they come. And to answer your question about “who am I” to take issue with your slurs, I am a proud Italian American (1st generation on my father’s side, 5th generation Greenwich on my mother’s), and I don’t like the ignorant name calling, and I am pushing back, especially since you are taking about my family.

          Your bullying doesn’t move the needle with me one inch, so as I said, save it. I am not sensitive, but just calling it like I see it.

        • Walt

          You can’t see it because you are blind. And most likely semi retarded. You consider anyone who disagrees with you a bully. The same way anyone who disagrees with Barry is a racist.
          You have no sense of humor, no ability to discern sarcasm from criticism, and a false sense of your worth to humanity.
          I don’t know your family, so how could I insult them? You are thin skinned, vapid and shallow.
          I am sure you are from a fine family of grape stompers, and your men look great in wife beaters. You invented that style.
          Get a sense of humor, stop being so thin skinned, and focus your efforts on something that matters. Instead of what adjectives I use. Now go find your shine box. Linguini head.

  19. Flash

    This is gonna be a movie fur sure

  20. anon.

    A commentor @ the paper mentioned he goes by a 2nd name.

    • pulled up in OG

      Sica = wife’s maiden name. WTF?

      • born n raised

        The money originated via Diane Sica-Demaio’s father.. Michael F. Sica, an inventor.. The Company (ABM Industries Incorporated aka SICA Electrical
        & Maintenance Corp., a New York corporation, and Ozone Lighting Distributors) was the largest U.S.-based facility services contractor listed on the New York Stock Exchange with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion in 1996. Pop & Mom (Gloria) Sica own property in Vegas, NJ, NY…The house/property at 259/261 RHR belonged to mom & pop first and was sold to daughter Diane 11/28/1995 . Looks like hubby (also Michael F.) was along for the ride….. Prayers for Ms. Sica-Demaio & her family.

  21. Matt

    Excellent info @born n raised. One of the newspaper articles I read identified Michael Demaio as unemployed. So it is evident that she had all the loot, he had nothing and was facing losing her, losing the house and being left with no job and having to now support himself for the rest of his life. That means, heaven forbid, he might actually have to get a job. The picture is now becoming more clear, the gravy train was leaving and he “lost it”. Indeed.