Frost on the pumpkin, not

Now do you believe?

Now do you believe?

So much for folklore so far as it applies to katydids. I first heard them six weeks ago and that’s supposed to mean the first frost tomorrow, September 13th. I thought that sounded dubiously early at the time and so it proved to be: 64 °F predicted low tonight. What could have happened?


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9 responses to “Frost on the pumpkin, not

  1. Al Dente

    I understand there’s a ban on the use of pumpkins for Halloween decorations. They may, however be utilized in homo-erotic rituals.

  2. sound beacher

    It is Friday the 13th, ya know!

  3. AJ

    Nigel Farage on Global Warming:

  4. Shoeless

    I always thought it was 90 days from the first chirps.

    • Well your cicadas seem to have been more attuned to the weather than those my father met.

      • AJ

        While there are cicadas in Canada and northern New York, they don’t make any noise.

        • That’s because you guys eat them up there, and they’re scared to make a peep.

        • AJ

          Back in the day in northern New York, cicadas would have been considered a delicacy.

          Remember the guy who was carrying around the cloth wrapped, severed Indian’s head that he was munching on when nobody was looking — I think I’ll try the roasted cicadas. Unrefrigerated raw meat can be a dangerous thing to eat unless it’s been well salted, aside from the commander not approving such behavior.

  5. Peg

    Al Gore is even better than the groundhog. You can pretty much predict how cold and how long winters are going to be by how often he opens his yap and how loud the resulting squeals from it are.