Buyer remorse

21 Midwood Drive

21 Midwood Drive

21 Midwood Drive is back on the market at $10.850 million after selling just this past June 28th for $10.650. The house languished for years as its price dropped, ever so slowly, from $16 million to that final selling price. Let’s hope the new owner doesn’t suffer the same fate.


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5 responses to “Buyer remorse

  1. richard space

    What could possibly have happened for such a quick change of course??

  2. richard space

    Perhaps you are correct – the one where the flipper loses $4,000,000.

    • That was a classic and very inspiring. It certainly made me want to buy an overpriced mansion.

      Is it just me, or does the right side of the house look like it’s wearing a fireman’s hat?

      • AJ

        That narrow protrusion with the fireman’s hat sticking out of the front of the house is about as ugly as it gets. It’s obvious that this builder has never heard of the golden rectangle.