When you absolutely, positively need your power ....

When you absolutely, positively need your power ….

The best company around that I know (nothing against other dealers, I just haven’t worked with them) is the generator division of Greenwich Construction (I think they have a separate website for the generator business, but I can’t find it and I’m in a hurry – just use the construction link to get to them). Lou Van Leewuen – (203) 223-0634, are the personal contact numbers I have, and although I’m sure there’s a corporate path to reach them, screw it: wake up Lou directly and tell him I told you to do it. Greenwich Construction builds a great house and excellent renovations but I’m writing here about his Generac generators. I like his prices: he quoted a client of mine under $10,000 for a 20K generator, all in except for the propane supply, so that’s the generator, the electrical, the pad for the generator, trenching, all permitting, the whole system, which was something like $4,000 less than the next lowest bid.

Greenwich Construction has been around a couple of decades and both the company and its principle are in Riverside, so when your power goes out in the middle of the night you’ll know where to go to complain.

Good company, good people.


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  1. Anonymous

    A Generac 20k all-in for $10k? That’s extraordinary, and almost unbelievable. Your client must’ve had one of the simplest, most easily accessed install sites ever. The fuel plumbing will add a few k to that, at least.

    Typically it’s 75 cents to a buck per kw all-in.

  2. Anonymous

    oh and the city permitting can be a pain in the arse. don’t forget to allow setback from structure, etc.

  3. Yardbird

    Sounds about right for a 20kw.
    Generac sells their 20kw for 4000.
    We hooked it up to our gas line so it never runs out.
    All in probably about the same price (just under 10k)

    Sabia Electric.
    The entire family lives in town, and either the father, or his 3 sons that work with/for him are around to help with the service of it.

    Our Plumber, Angelo Tuccinardi is hands down the best tradesmen we’ve ever dealt with.
    He came over to help us with an emergency on a Friday night @ 10pm. Arrived in 15 minutes.

    What was the emergency you asked?

    Our now former plumber didn’t properly cap our then disconnected dishwasher supply line. (We did a full kitchen renovation…well, 3 more weeks and it should be wrapped up)

    Long story short we came home after dinner to find a small waterfall in our downstairs bathroom (beneath kitchen).

    Palmer and sons is no longer our plumber.

    • greenITCH

      what happens if similar situation to Hurricane sandy in OG where Utility company shuts off gas into your area of town ?

      • Indeed – brother Gideon has a client down on the OG waterfront where exactly that happened: all set with a positively huge generator, he ended up sitting in the dark (and eventually evacuating) because the gas supply was turned off. That’s a waterfront issue primarily, though, and if I weren’t in an area where that could happen and had access to natural gas, I’d go with the gas.

      • Yardbird

        Not waterfront here. Gas stays on
        NoPo…High and Dry and lights on!

  4. boredatwork

    I’ve had a good experience with Cannondale. Getting 20kw installed as we speak (well, as I type) for ~$10k all-in, and that’s not an entirely straightforward installation. They did the generator at our previous house too, which was one of my better housing-related investments given that we had over 3 wks without power when you add up the various incidents in the 2010-2012 timeframe.

  5. TM

    Louis did my generator and several others on my block. 17kw natural gas for $8,650 all in. I’d definitely recommend him.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    I see what you are doing here. Obviously, Casa de la Fountain has recently had a brand new generator installed? GRATIS!! CORRECT!! In exchange for some BLATENT PAYOLLA in the form of free advertising and glowing reviews? In the hopes the reader will buy a new generator from said contractor? So you can watch your porn, uninterrupted, no matter what the weather?

    I see right through your cunning little scheme. You deviant little shyster. What will you be schilling next? K Mart for your new fall wardrobe? Uggs for a new pair of shoes? Dicks Sporting Goods for a new UZI? Mama San’s House of Pleasure for a free rub and tug?

    Cut me in in this scam.
    You loser.
    Your Pal,

  7. Cobra

    Cannondale Generators, Stephenson Brothers Electric, and Biagi Plumbing completed installation of our Generac 14kw generator in March ’12 (after waiting about eight weeks for the town to conduct their required inspections. One of the town inspectors completed his task without leaving his car while parked about 30 feet away from the generator site while checking his smart phone and leaving after about three minutes). Including ditch digging and landscaping, total investment was just under $9K. Fed by a large propane tank, it was quite appreciated during the Sandy chaos back here near the Merritt. Modern Gas replenished our propane supply part way through the outage, right on time as promised–a dependable supplier.

  8. Anonymous

    500 gal propane tank here. Ran about 12 days straight last year, 20kw Generac. Totally worth it.

  9. anonymous

    Cannondale was the worst, but that was right after a week long outage in 2011 when everyone decided they needed a generator and they took on way more than they could handle. Ended up being a 4 month ordeal and they just decided to leave their answering machine on and not answer their phones. Even with propane, when the tank runs out and a tree is blocking your street the propane truck cannot get in to fill you up. Now I never let it get lower than half before having it topped off.

  10. Anonymous

    We have had great experiences with Cannondale. But we run ours off the gas line, so haven’t had any of he propane issues.

  11. Anonymous

    He is the best!! and very reasonable- we were quoted 16-18 thousand for a 20kw generator by 2 other popular contractors and he came in around 7-8 thousand. Got it installed several weeks before Sandy.

  12. Anonymous

    Cannondale still hasn’t returned my phone calls and that was over a year ago!!! Terrible and a rip off!!

  13. EOSredux

    My Kohler is humming right now. Power went out a good hour+ ago. She’s held me strong over all of Sandy. Run 14 days straight. Huge propane tanks in the yard. I paid through the nose about 8 years ago, after two huge outages back to back. The electricians knew they were in pure gold territory. Can’t say enough good things about Kohler. American made. Great machine.

  14. Anonymous

    Spoke to my cousin in Palm beach. Say’s they haven’t had a more than handful of couple of hour duration power outages in 10 years.

    Funny how people in the NYC metropolitan area live like wealthy Grizzly Adams

  15. Flyangler

    I can highly recommend Lucci Electric which, while in Wilton, does quite a bit of business in Greenwich. Four houses on my street were installed and are serviced by Lucci. Ask for Chris Reeb (owner) or Dawn.

  16. Stanwich

    What about service? I think most generators are automatically scheduled to turn on for a little while every week. But isn’t there also regular maintenance that needs to be done? How are these guys with service contracts?

    • EOSredux

      That’s a good question. We have ours serviced twice a year, oil changed, etc. For the first few years, we used a company recommended by Kohler but we found them way too expensive and quite frankly, a little snotty. Now we use a local electrician and love them. Our generator self-tests every Friday morning for a half-hour. Town code here requires that the self-testing be during a certain window of time during the day. I don’t have neighbors within ear shot, but for those who do, it can be a cacophony of engines running.

  17. Matt

    All of these noisy, polluting generators and propane tanks everywhere. Whatever happened to just enjoying the quiet? Up at my house in mid-country, we light a few candles, read a book and practice the lost art of conversation. Do we all really need to have the power humming 24/7? 100 years ago nobody anywhere had power, now we can’t even live a few hours or days without it?

    • Some people (not me, I can get by) prefer the comforts afforded by water, light and heat, and going without them for days, even 12 days at a time makes them grumpy. Go figure.

    • EOSredux

      Aaah Matt, spoken by someone who hasn’t been without power for two weeks. The year we got our generator was the year we had eight straight days without power when it was just barely 32 degrees outside. We had all five fireplaces going 24/7; we took turns sleeping to see who would watch the pipes. That same year, another week+ without power, but in record heat, not as worrisome, but still, everything had to be thrown away in the fridge.

      The generator for us is peace of mind; to know that wherever we are, the house is safe. And just because the generator is on, doesn’t mean we keep every light on.