Not to make light of a tragedy, but we should probably have seen this coming

Anyone who traveled regularly past the DeMaio home on Round Hill Road was bound to note its most prominent feature, the huge fountain in its front yard. Who puts fountains in the front yard of their New Jersey mansions? The Mafia and the Russian mob, that’s who, and while you can move a Jersey mansion to Greenwich – especially a pre-fab one, you can’t leave the mobster behind. Doubt this? Well here, just as a for instance, is the home where penny stock fraudsters Alan Chalem and Mayir Lehmann were killed by Russians in 1999 (I actually went after the victims once, but I used the NASDAQ arbitration process, not a 9mm).

N’uff said.

Murder most foul

Murder most foul


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25 responses to “Not to make light of a tragedy, but we should probably have seen this coming

  1. Balzac

    The money quote from the today’s NY Times coverage of Obama’s Syria contortions: “ ‘I would much rather spend my time talking about how to make sure every 3- and 4- year old gets a good education than I would spending time thinking about how can I prevent 3- and 4- year olds from being subjected to chemical weapons and nerve gas’ he lamented….”
    His presidency is all self-referential. It’s not about Syrians and the tragedy of nerve gas: it’s about the difficulty and downright unfairness of the demands of the job on ME, dammit.

    The AFL-CIO is really pissed that Obamacare will cause many large unionized employers to dump their employees from the company health program, into Obamacare, which is worth less. Gee, do you mean the Republicans were right when they predicted this? While Syria is exploding, Obama made multiple phone calls to Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, to encourage him to soften the unions’ criticisms.

    Closer to home, it has been frequently observed that when a Republican screws up, his party is frequently noted. The liberal media ensures that readers associate the dirty deed and the R party. When a Dem screws up, the media covers for them by omitting their party affiliation. Well, in today’s Greenwich Time, authors Daniel Tepfer and John Nickerson, whoever they are, have a prominent article about Lee Whitnum-Baker’s arrogance and lack of judgment:
    Whitnum-Baker is indeed a perennial candidate. No mention for which party…………

  2. Cos Cobber

    Yet another astute observation by CF. Insurers should take note, wrongful death suits are likely to increase at homes with fountains.

  3. dogwalker

    And there was another fist fight at the train station this morning! This time it was NOT candidates for office, at least, but, goodness, the town really is going down the sewer!

  4. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke and Mrs Duke have a small fountain (not working) nestled in the hydgranias in front of their manse. The Duke is of English-German extraction, Mrs Duke is Scots-French. So your theory is completely disproved. Although, come to think of it, The Duke does own a basball bat…

  5. Anonymous

    I witnessed a doozy of a fight this summer between a Greenwich parent and a parent from a Westchester babes all team. Over the. Placement of a sun umbrella. Even more frightening in retrospect, given the quantity of bats laying around.BTW, the kids playing were 10 and 11 year olds.

  6. Anonymous

    exactly what i mentioned yday …expect more social discontinuity as the fabric of a once fine community is proved to be completely worn out .. sad, but gwich is over…fights on the train platform ..unbelievable – means no dough is being brought home

  7. Anonymous

    Chris let us know if you discover a horse’s head in your bed.