Open House report

Saw two homes of note, one old (1867), one brand new. I mentioned both earlier this week when they hit the market and said I expected them to be exceptional. To my taste, they lived up to expectations.

159 Park Avenue

159 Park Avenue

159 Park Avenue, the 1867 house, $3.595 million, is in beautiful shape and has all best features of a fine house of its era: detailed moldings, great woodwork, high ceilings, decent flow of rooms. It has lost, I assume, much of its original land but there’s enough left to offer a good back yard and it’s on one of the prettiest streets in Greenwich, especially “in-town”. Worth checking out.

7 Heartstone

7 Hearthstone

And 7 Hearthstone Drive, Riverside, was built by Tim O’Malley of Argus Development (Old Greenwich), so of course it’s well made -Tim builds a great house. The master bedroom is on the third floor, but there are two other bedrooms on that same level (and a fourth one a short flight down), so the squalling infants can be kept close enough to ruin your sleep and the teenaged-drummer will be free to disturb your neighbors, not you.

All that aside, this house is really special, with a great design inside and out, huge finished basement with nanny-suite/bath, excellent kitchen and comfortable living space. At $3.795 it’s priced a little bit above its competition, but not so much as to make you feel foolish for buying the best looking house on the street. Nice job.

(I don’t know when the broker is going to get around to posting pictures of this house, but check back later. Better yet, go see it.


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29 responses to “Open House report

  1. Anonymous

    Too many stairs in 7 Hearthstone. Not good with little kids, annoying when the kids get bigger (clop, clop, clop) and depressing as you age up. Looks pretty, but for that price I’d expect function too.

    Was there a reason for such a high entry??

    • Anonymous

      I’ll get Tim to check with you before he starts his next project.

    • Different homes for different folks.

      • hmmm

        anon at 206,

        no need to be a jerk the commenter wasn’t asking to have Tim check with him, it was just their opinion about the house. If you like it say so, buy it and/or move on.

        • Anonymous

          I would argue that the original poster was the one being rude, a builder is trying to sell it, Chris made a post about the house and the poster just leads with a litany of complaints about a house that he or she isn’t buying.

    • hmmm

      I suspect the high entry was due to the not being able to level the lot. The lot slopes from the back down to hearthstone and to the left. Five years ago he could have probably raised the front or done something about it but I think the regs have changed regarding this…

      that’s my guess.

  2. North St Owner

    Wrong link

  3. Anonymous

    I’ll say it again- one’s basement should not be bigger than one’s back yard.

    • You think so, I think so – I’m not so sure younger buyers think so, and the operative word there is “buyers”. Evolving preferences and tastes.

      • Anonymous

        Think there is a link between the lack of civility these days and kids shut away in the basement playing video games (even non- violent ones) ? I do. And I’m not THAT old- three kids under 15.

  4. Anonymous

    to anon at 2.44 PM: nothing rude about expressing your thoughts about a house that you aren’t buying here – that is what this forum is about – thoughts about available real estate. It’s not supposed to be an advertisement for the house. I personally hate the look of it on th e outside.

    • Cos Cobber

      Funny, ’cause I think its really terrific on the outside.

    • Anonymous

      Each to their own.

    • This is a pretty free-wheeling blog on real estate, I hope, where readers are free to throw their opinions around – lord knows I do. There’s one commenter – not you, by any means, who I’ve been weeding out lately because she trashes every house mentioned: new listing, contract or sold, with nothing behind her opinion: “worst house in Riverside”, “piece of junk” and so forth adds nothing to the conversation. On the other hand, if you object to the multi-level layout of this house (which was, as another reader said, forced on it because of the lot contours and FAR regulations), that’s not only perfectly legitimate, it’s helpful. What angry homeowners and their agents fail to realize is that their house being discussed here, with its pros and ons, actually helps because it brings a house to a potential buyer’s attention, lifting it out of the mass of listings on the web. I’ve had inquiries from clients and actually ended up selling several houses that were treated harshly here. The client knows what he’s getting, decides he might be able to live with that and off we go to see it. No surprises except, sometimes, pleasant ones: “oh, that’s not so bad”.
      So no, I don’t think it’s at all rude to give an opinion here and in fact, it’s what I hope makes the blog interesting. Rude is what the aforementioned commenter does, which is to just spew venom on a house without giving any reason for her dislike. Price, layout, design, location, those are all fair game.

  5. Accolay

    Did anyone hear about the $62 million new listing in Fairfield? What’s your opinion, Chris? Seems like it’s up your alley in terms of grand old homes.

  6. Midcountry

    People are killing themselves to buy townhouses in the City. Lots of steps, not to mention security concerns. Anyway, steps never held anyone back. If you don’t like them, you can always buy a ranch. Ranches are very out of style today though, even the nice ones. So go figure.

  7. Anonymous

    What’s going on with the modular next door? And how about the house across the street? Is that getting knocked down?

    • The modular will have an open house next Thursday, so I’ll report on it then. The one across the street -I assume you mean the one on the corner of Hearthstone and Lockwood – is being rehabbed and looks like it will be very nice. It’s unusual to see houses survive in Riverside these days, so good for the owners.

  8. Anonymous

    I totally agree with your assessment of Park Ave. Very attractive old world charm! BUT come on Hearthstone- $3.7 for a living room dining room combo! give me a break! Master on the 3rd floor! How do your think the neighbors feel to the left after the builder raised the house several feet. could be a problem during a rain storm. Some ignorant ###hole who wants so much to be in Riverside will buy it but I don’t get it!! Come on guys- $3.8 million is ALOT of money!!! and no land to speak of.

    • The drainage retention requirements for new construction will probably keep the neighbors dry. As for the rest, that’s why different houses sell to different buyers: tastes and needs differ.

  9. Anon

    Oy vey! The house was not raised. . .they actually had to cut into the existing grade for the first floor – that is whey there is a stone retaining wall on the right hand side of the house.

    And the existing house before this was non-conforming – it was way within the rear yard setback and side yard setback (on the right hand side).

    You truly have no idea of what you are talking about.

  10. Anonymous

    FWIW – I saw this house yesterday. I wish I had clients to put into this one bc it is nice all the way around, lots of nice touches. Very well built and my guess is that it will look even better when compared to the modular next door.