Racism in our schools

All for naught

All for naught

Why can’t poor children learn anymore?

Liz Peek, The Fiscal Times:

One of the lesser-broadcast features of the most recent jobs report is that unemployment for African-Americans actually ticked higher, to 13 percent, even as the rest of the country held even at 7.3 percent. Unemployment for Hispanics was 9.3 percent and for Asians 5.1 percent. Also worrisome, the number of African-American adults who held jobs actually declined last month, and fewer than 61 percent of blacks are working–the lowest participation rate since 1982.

… Blacks are increasingly left behind, at least in part because their leaders do not demand better schools. The greatest source of “disparate impact” in this country, to borrow a phrase currently popular with the Justice Department, is that most black kids can’t read or write. Upward mobility for the African-American community, tenuous at best, is squashed the minute they enter kindergarten.

Too harsh? Not by half. Consider the results from the recent Common Core testing in New York, one of the first to measure how students meet the new nation-wide standards. Statewide, 31 percent of public school students in grades 3 through 8 were considered proficient in English; only 16 percent of blacks met that test, compared to 50 percent of Asians and 40 percent of whites – results which the state’s education department says reveals “the persistence of the achievement gap.”

Only 15 percent of black kids were deemed proficient in math, while 60 percent of Asians and 38 percent of whites made the cut. It begs saying that results across the board are appalling; but that less than one in five black kids can read or write with any fluency is truly criminal.

The shocking outcome of New York’s tests immediately sparked criticism – mostly directed at the test, as opposed to the teachers or schools that are presumably preparing our children.

Public school teachers and administrators are always quick to find another culprit when their students come up short. For poor black children, they blame the collapse of the African-American family, pervasive poverty, inadequate school funding – the list goes on and on. The only problem with this finger pointing is that some educators are able to break through those very real barriers.

Eva Moskowitz, head of the Success Academies in Harlem and the South Bronx, left every other public school in the dust in the recent testing. SuccessAcademyBronx 2, with an 85 percent poverty rate and not one white or Asian student in the test pool, outperformed every other city school; 97 percent of the kids achieved “proficiency” in math and 77 percent in English.

To the extent I’ve been following the NYC Mayoral race, it seems that the winner of yesterday’s Democrat primary, Bill De Blasio, promises to handcuff the police and close or restrict schools like the Success Academies. We don’t need any more disgruntled policemen – we already have a surfeit – but if New York City doesn’t want her, perhaps we should ask Eva Moskowitz to come to our own troubled schools and help out. At the very least, maybe we should form another committee so beloved in Greenwich and send its members down to Harlem to see what Moskowitz is doing and how she’s getting the results that she does. That would be a better expenditure of our money that introducing “digital learning tools”, which strikes me as just another expensive “fix”, just like all the other fixes we try, to divert attention from our failures.

Any such committee should be comprised entirely of non-union teachers and citizens not affiliated in any way with our BOE or its employee Dr. McKiersie, people who are determined to keep the present failing structure in place. Of course, any reforms we might try to introduce in Connecticut would be thwarted by our local Democrats and their allies in Hartford, blacks and whites, but at least we’d know what we’re missing.


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11 responses to “Racism in our schools

  1. Balzac

    And still the Greenwich Time periodically feeds us columns by Wendy Lecker, whoever she is, shilling for the compulsory, unionized, tax-eating government schools: any freedom of choice in education is simply too awful to contemplate, she writes.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    This is a most interesting article. But I have a few comments and questions, if I may? Thank You.

    She starts out using “African Americans” and then changes to “Blacks”. Which is it? I thought “African Americans” was out? So let’s go with blacks. Based on the test scores, we could call them the “most illiterate”, but I just KNOW someone would have a problem with that. I don’t know why, but I am pretty sure they would.

    Now, whatever it is Ms. Moskowitz is doing, she obviously DISPROVES the need for diversity and “racial balance” being a need to improve education, right? That is just an issue the Libtards throw out, to take everyones focus away from the real issues. And of course the teachers blame the test. The Libtard solution – just lower the bar so they all pass. DUMBING DOWN A NATION IS A GREAT PLAN!!

    The results overall are horrific. If only 50% of the gooks are up to snuff, we have a real problem with our schools. If they can read and speak Chinese, and are proficient in Chinese arithmetic, but can’t speak American, or do American math, we have a real problem on our hands.

    Your Pal,

  3. Pure Fluff

    The Liz Peek’s of the world aren’t interested in helping underprivileged kids learn to read or understand math. For the Democrats, it’s all about politiics, guilting white voters into giving up their hard earned rights, quality schools and money only be sucked into an abyss of union graft, fraud and corruption. Blacks are doing worse and worse under Obama. Even he has sold his adopted community and left them behind when he made it big. Sure, he hangs out with JayZ and LeBron but I don’t see too many kids from the war torn streets of Chicago making it into the Oval Office.

    The only workable solution is for the communities with failing schools to create their own learning environments (like Success Academy). It’s been shown that places with heavy state or Federal influence (e.g. Newark, NJ) have been abysmal failures. If the local parents and kids don’t care, it’s not likely that some uppity white folks from suburbs are going to make them do so. So Liz Peek can weep her crocodile tears all day long. Liberals of her ilk have not only failed to improve schools, they’ve helped destroy the communities as well as the schools.

    People want simple solutions to complex problems and they don’t exist. One thing is for sure, the Liz Peek’s of the world have failed, miserably, over and over again.

  4. Anonymous2

    Be interesting to know what Moskowitz requires of her students and how they are disciplined if they don’t deliver.
    And how about a national right-to-work law that applies to government and private industry?

  5. Anonymous

    Based in New Haven we have Achievement First a terrific group of charter schools, stated by a Yale grad Dacia Toll. I have followed and donated to their progress since inception and the results are terrific, just like Eva’s. Sadly the Feds are now taking these Ct. schools to task for suspending kids even for 1/2 of a day. Gaining mutual respect and civility is the first step in creating a place of learning.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    And could it be, IS IT POSSIBLE, that the reasons the schools are turning out blithering IDIOTS is because the teachers themselves are illiterate? YES!! It is not only possible, it is PROBABLE. Check out this pamphlet published by some Chicago teachers. Written by an affirmative action, union protected, eubonics specialist:
    No questions the teachers and their unions, fully supported by the progressives, are a HUGE part of this problem.
    Your Pal,

    • paranoid anon

      Walt – you should see some of the assignments my daughter brings home from GHS. Littered with grammar mistakes. 9th grade English teacher was the worst. Poonces

  7. Riverslide

    Maybe the rising unemployment rate among “blacks” is a good sign, a result of increasing government coddling (cell phones, housing breaks, etc) which makes having a job less necessary.

  8. Once

    Maybe they’re better off without jobs. You have to make about $69k before taxes in the real world to equate with welfare and all the freebies you get when you are on the dole. We keep making it unprofitable to work. By letting in millions of wetbacks into the country labor rates for manual labor and construction have plummeted. Greenwich kids don’t often go into the trades as they used to. I have a kid in Engineering School because supposedly that will pay the bills. Now, Zuckerberg and other techie masters, want to import more Asiatics and Indian Indians to take those jobs. Hard to get ahead when your own countrymen pull the ladder out from under you.