And speaking of Barry’s new friend

605 North Streert

605 North Streert

605 North Street is back up on the listings, still looking for a buyer and now priced at $8.995 million. This spec house reported a contract for $12 million back when it was new in 2004 but the story I heard was that the would-be buyer, a Russian, went back to Moscow to check on his holdings and Vladimir still holds him in Siberia. True or not, he never came back and the house never sold.

I showed it to a client back when it was priced in the mid-nines but, while he loved the house, he wouldn’t bite: “No way would I spend this much money to live next to the highway”, he said and, so far at least, neither will anyone else.


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21 responses to “And speaking of Barry’s new friend

  1. Anonymous

    price/value discussion aside, that is some spectacular millwork.

  2. dogwalker

    By highway, did they mean North Street or the Parkway (which is behind the other side of the street)?

  3. InfoDiva

    Wait, help me understand this…that house is going on 10 years unoccupied?

  4. Matt

    Beautiful millwork but a questionable location for a house of that stature. North St is also a highway in that location, south of the Merritt exits.

  5. Other Guy

    it needs a matching fountain

  6. … speaking of Barry’s new friend, i think i prefer the old days when world domination was a cooperative effort:

    • Anonymous

      Ahh the good old days !

    • W was the guy that liked Putin. Remember he said he looked into his eyes and saw his soul? And later McCain said he looked in and saw KGB? Facts are difficult things..

      • He did, foolishly, but he never dropped his trousers and bent over for the KGB chief, as our current “leader” just did. But that’s right, Bush was an unsophisticated cowboy, while the man who just abdicated America’s role as leader of the free world is far more nuanced. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Flash

    That is one spectacular interior, but the exterior is Greenwich ho-hum. Too much is always too much. Like too much house on a too small parcel.
    But I’d throw my money at this one rather than the white fantasy castle across the street

    • housecat

      Surprisingly tasteful for a Russian oligarch. Funny you should mention the Disney Castle, though… one of the funniest comments I have read on this site was related to Chris’s last posting on that one (it featured goblins and Craigslist ad.). Of course if it’s no longer free, you could always inquire after the Medieval Times fantasy pad on Loch. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        thank you for your appreciation of my little story of kinky after-hours action & goblins & craiglist oh my. 🙂

  8. CEA

    It’s a 9 year old house, within spitting distance of a highway, on a super-busy part of a super-busy street. Oh, and it was a rental.

    I’ll guess $7.5 for this one, and it will take a while.

  9. pulled up in OG

    Ten years ahead of its time w/FEMA front steps. Should go in a jif now.

  10. Publius

    Interesting given that the owner according to web site is now involved in distressed real estate. I guess he has rebranded his inventory. Curious too, given the outstanding past due taxes on this property that it hasn’t been launched by the Town.