Funny enough, I just posted a reply to a commenter in which I mentioned Mr. Chamberlin

Bill Whittle’s back with another great essay. He’s been reading William Manchester’s three-part biography of Churchill, “The Last Lion”, I’m currently reading Churchill’s own “The Gathering Storm”. We’re on the same page.


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  1. Publius


    I am sure you are aware that our umbrella man’s first act of his “occupation” of the Oval Office was to ship the bust of WSC back across the pond to the white empire builders from whence it came. Bad kahrma, no?

  2. Inagua

    The world that Churchill faced in the 1930s was vastly different from the world that Obama faces today. The only remotely analogous situation was Italy’s attack using poison gas on Ethopia in 1935. Read up on it, and you might be surprised at how muted Churchill’s response was. Here are two Churchill quotes from Manchester’s second volume, “a wild land of tyranny, slavery, and tribal war” and “No one can keep up the pretense that Abyssinia is a fit, worthy, and equal member of a league of civilized nations.”

    While Obama has never endorsed similar sentiments about Greater Sandland, as I do, Obama is right to stay out of Syria (and Eqypt, and Lybia, and Iraq, and Afghanistan.)

    Like Churchill, who always kept his eye on the main threat, Germany, we should confront only substantial threats from Sandland, Ayatollahs with nukes and al Queada. The rest is backround noise that only fools like George Bush think is important. George Bush’s invasion of Iraq was far stupider than anything Obama has done.

  3. AJ

    ‘Putin Steps Into World Leadership Role’

    Paul Craig Roberts

    “Putin’s article in the September 11 New York Times has the stuck pigs squealing. The squealing stuck pigs are just who you thought they would be–all those whose agendas and profits would be furthered by an attack on Syria by the obama Stasi regime.

    Included among the squealing stuck pigs are Human Rights Watch bloggers who seem to be financed out of the CIA’s back pocket.

    Does any institution remain that has not been corrupted by Washington’s money?

    Notice that the reason Putin is being criticized is that he has blocked the obama regime from attacking Syria and slaughtering countless numbers of Syrians in the name of human rights. The stuck pigs are outraged that obama’s war has been blocked. They were so much looking forward to the mass slaughter that they believe would advance their profits and agendas.

    Most of Putin’s critics are too intellectually challenged to comprehend that Putin’s brilliant and humane article has left Putin the leader of the free world and defender of the rule of law and exposed obama for what he is–the leader of a rogue, lawless, unaccountable government committed to lies and war crimes.

    Putin, being diplomatic, was very careful in his criticism of obama’s September 10 speech in which obama sought to justify Washington’s lawlessness in terms of “American exceptionalism.” Obama, attempting to lift his criminal regime by the bootstraps up into the moral heavens, claimed that United States government policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.”

    What obama told Americans is exactly what Hitler told the Germans. …”

    • Yes Obama looks foolish, but to call the remarks of the head of the KGB “humane” is just naive. Putin knows exactly what he’s up to, and being humane is not on the agenda.

      • AJ

        Putin gains nothing by having Syria left unattacked except for maybe avoiding being drawn into WWIII. Well, except for maybe pointing out Obama for the shrewd poker player that he truly is.Take note of the plane at 01:38 of the video. The plane that flew into the World Trade Center was not an airliner. So what happened, did the Muslims somehow switch planes in midflight?

        We are all being played, and the 30 year drug war leading up to 9-11 — an exercise in Americans giving up their rights — made it so much easier for the sheeple to be led like lambs to the slaughter. These guys have so much hubris that Wolfawitz saw no problem in tipping his hand as to what was coming.

        I think that all the laws that have been passed without everyone in Congress having signed off on having fully read them, like the Patriot Act or even Affordable Health Care, should be immediately be held null and void. And that any member of Congress not willing to personally, fully, read any Bill that’s up for a vote should resign.

  4. Riverside

    Is there a 3rd part to that bio? I read the first two years ago, and heard the 3rd was never written. Is that incorrect?