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For those readers who complain that it’s no one’s business how Peter Tesei might be paying his mortgage, another reader sends along this from the Town of Greenwich Code of Ethics:

  1. Gifts and Favors: Town Officers and members of their immediate family, including spouses, children, parents, grandparents, siblings and in-laws, are prohibited from accepting any valuable gift, favor, loan, promise or other thing which might tend to influence the performance of their official duties.
  2. Improper Influence: Town Officers are also prohibited from voting on or attempting to influence any Town transaction or action in which he or she has a substantial interest.
  3. Annual Disclosure: Each Town Officer is responsible to make an annual filing disclosing any interest that they have had during the preceding year in any transaction with the Town.


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  1. Midcountry

    His wife’s parents appear to own a company called Kendall Boiler and Tank Company. That is where some of the money comes from most likely. This is an old business with other family members working there, and Jill likely has a passive income from an ownership interest in that company.

    • Well really, I don’t want to make this an inquiry into his wife’s finances – she’s not a public official and to the extent that her family money is helping on the mortgage that is indeed, as other readers have suggested, none of the public’s business.

      That said, all I asked was, how is he paying his mortgage? Clearly, it’s not from his own salary. If it’s from his wife’s money he could say so and that’s the end of the matter.

      • Midcountry

        From a quick glance, it looks like this is not a small company. Also her brother/ relative may be buying out her interest or inheritance if she is not getting dividends and is keeping her interest. It does not surprise me that they are paying a million dollar mortgage from doing a quick and cursory search of the family and their background.

        I surely would not assume there is any foul play here with the various sources of money in this family.

      • Midcountry

        I think it draws negative attention to what seems to be a successful family business for Mr. Tesei to mention his wife’s job or family money. Not good for business.

        If the Town of Greenwich wanted financial disclosures from their public officials, they should ask for this information. Until that happens, I would be very reluctant to accuse anyone of foul play, especially here where you can see where the money is likely to be coming from.

        A lot of families have inheritances today, especially when you are in Greenwich. You never know the financial background of the people you are dealing with unless you start delving into parents, grandparents, siblings, real estate, businesses, liquidated businesses and other possible sources of wealth. If the business belonged to someone’s grandparents, and is no longer in existence, it is going to be very hard for someone not in the know to trace how this employee with a modestly paying job bought a $3 million condominium in the midst of the financial crisis and did $750,000 of renovations, all for cash. No, it’s not drug money, but the hard earned money of someone’s immigrant parents or grandparents who realized the American dream and left it to their offspring when they died.

    • AJ

      What are you doing, looking up his business and posting it on the internet?

      • Midcountry

        Checked what is available on the internet after he accusation of possible foul play was made against a public official and his family. From public information quickly available on the internet, the accusation does not have any merit.

        • AJ

          And you know this because you checked on the internet? You won’t find me on the internet, my name or anything about me, that is, and from that, I suppose that you can infer that I’m not up to anything?

        • Midcountry

          You never know who is up to what. All you can say is it is likely based on public information that this family has the money to cover a million dollar mortgage.

        • AJ

          Take a look at the “Whatever happened to …” September 3, 2013 · 6:39 pm Post on this blog and click on the posted link. Looks like a gold plated investment company, but the comments suggest it might be otherwise. Such faith in information that is readily available on the internet is what makes phishing scams so successful. However, I’m not saying that, in this case, that is the case. What I am saying is while your opinion and faith in the man may be all that’s needed for you, it is not the same as full disclosure — it is not fact, and obviously not enough for others.

          However, the foul play and accusations are on Tesei’s part. Take another look at what he said and ask yourself, do you really expect such words to go unchallenged? Here, take another look:

          “I think our media locally has been irresponsible…when you provide a platform for adults to make anonymous comments…you fuel a behavior that is deemed acceptable. In a sick sort of way people get off on it because they get, ‘Well, I can say what I want but I don’t have to say who I am.’ They say things that are inflammatory, inaccurate, and they are allowed to get away with it…I’m all for freedom of speech, but I think freedom of speech means you have to know who is saying what. Anonymity is cowardice and I think bullies are cowards…I would call upon the local media outlets …”

          To me, it seems pretty cowardly to point the finger at others by innuendo and call them cowards. If he has something specific to say, then he should say it. If he has some proof of “local media outlets”, then he should show it. Otherwise STF up. To me, it seems cowardly to suggest the suppression of free speech while couching in support of free speech. But what a nice little speech that he gave; I give it the Machiavelli Good Politics Seal of Approval.

        • Midcountry

          I have never met Mr. Tesei or his wife and have no idea what they look like, nor do I have any involvement in Greenwich politics. The accusation here is a serious one, and it just seems that one would look at the publicly available information about a family before concluding in a public forum they cannot afford the home they have purchased. I do have the skill of being able to do internet research and did that here solely because of the seriousness of the accusation.

          • Hypothetical: A politician purchases a house that is three times as expensive as his salary would support. Is the source of the purchase funds of any business of the voters in his town? Would your answer be the same whether the funds were supplied by the local teachers union, a large land development company with ongoing project in town, or a family member?

            If you would find the first two sources to be objectionable and the third to be acceptable, then aren’t you admitting that the source of funds is relevant, is your business?

            And if that’s the case, why is it beyond the pale to ask about the source of those purchase funds? Why is it “too personal” to even raise the question?

            I don’t get it.

        • AJ

          Well Midcountry, what about Mr.Tesei’s accusation that in the context of bullying that led to a suicide that local media is irresponsible in allowing anonymous comments. That is a serious charge; where is his proof? And if you’re so in favor of his position why is it that you are commenting anonymously? For someone with no vested interest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as persistent as you.

  2. Anonymous

    Peter’s probably a kept man. Wife’s got the pesos, wears the bloomers, pays the bills, etc. But, Tesei’s probably got better & cheaper gov’t health care, so there’s that. Sort of a half-man card. Well, until he flips up the pink Izod collar, then all bets are off.

  3. Cos Cobber

    CF, many wonder how you afford your Honda… buddy

  4. Stop Spending!

    This allegation is outrageous and bullshit. Peter Tesei works his butt off for this town and Lives in a very modest house. Stop the passive aggressive crap and either produce some evidence or shut up. He doesnt have to put out his total financial situation for his crappy greenwich town salary. Everyone should be thanking Tesei and anyone willing to sacrifice and put himself out in the public sector. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • greenITCH

      I don’t know … I think once you step into politics you open yourself up to some criticism and people have a right to ask … especially given past Ct politicians … could never understand how Chris Dodd was a millionaire after he and his family spent their entire time as politicians .. at least the Kennedys we know Pa Joe was boot legging … then again … Dodd had some generous land dealings in Ireland to help him out

  5. GR Resident

    CF, It is none of your business to question Peter. If you have evidence of wrong doing bring it up here. You are making him guilty and asking him to prove his innocence. I know very little of Peter but just cannot let you act in this manner. What Republican values are you exhibiting here ? When do people need to defend their success ? Shame on you

  6. Anon

    Is he a minority? Maybe he got the loan from this bank.


    “The closing of this bank means our minority community, which oftentimes does not have the same access to credit as others do, is now bereft without this bank’s focus on providing access to credit or capital,” Finch said. “It is not clear how the state could allow this to happen.”

    So it’s now the states responsibility to ensure that people who are not extended credit because they are they don’t qualify?

  7. Townie

    There is one thing that we should be saying to Tesei and that is THANK YOU. This line of inquiry has crossed the line. Tsk Tsk. Really downgrades you. Sorry.

    • AJ

      When somebody starts pointing fingers at someone, suggesting they may in part be responsible for someone’s death when, in fact, their own policies may be held liable in part, then no one should be surprised when stuff starts boomeranging back on them. Exactly what is Mr. Tesei talking about? Instead of spewing platitudes, let’s hear him specifically lay out his case.

    • Peter Tesi, the First Selectman, states in a public hearing that this blog, and I, are responsible for the suicide of a 15-year-old boy who I’d never met, spoken with or mentioned. That’s acceptable behavior for a public official, say you, but my asking how that same official was approved for a loan 3X what his salary would support is “over the line”?

      I think you have your priorities skewed.

      • Riverside

        Interesting, I went back and read what Peter said, and he actually called the posters who “bully” online anonymously cowards, not you (you post using your own name). He did call on media outlets (presumably that would be you) to require these type of posters to identify themselves. That is a controversial position he is advocating, but it doesn’t seem evil or not worth proposing, in any case.

        I don’t agree with him about this, but it is true that these days a lot of bullying of children is going on via social media, and anonymously (albeit certainly not on your blog).

        • AJ

          An insidious attempt to suppress free speech as well as smear by innuendo seems evil enough to me. But if you want to wait to see the eyes glow red, by that time it’s usually too late. And while it may seem not worth proposing to you, it did seem worth it to him. In fact, he did propose it.

    • anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. The tone is vicious and really uncalled for. I’ve been reading your blog for years so I know what to expect, but this crosses the line.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    People in public office should be held to a higher standard. We should require financial disclosure. They need to be independent in appearance and in fact. So you are correct in asking these questions. Those posting otherwise are friends of Tessio, and partisan a-holes.

    The Liar in Chief ran on a ticket of becoming the most transparent administration in history. Yet we can’t even see his college transcripts. He has a lot to hide.

    If you want to be a public official, your private life becomes public. That is part of the deal. That is why Anthony Weiners dick pics are fair game, but mine are not. Although I have no problem sharing them. In fact I like it!! Want me to post one? Order more bandwith!!

    So Tessio should address this. You raise a legitimate concern. If it’s a nonissue, it’s a nonissue. If he can support it, you will look like a douche, which we all expect anyway, and he will look like an honest politician.
    Now there is an oxymoron.

    You moron.
    Your Pal,

  9. Anonymous

    I’m still puzzled by how one’s child gets bullied in preschool.

  10. Al Dente

    Are we discussing recipes tonight? I’m having guests for brunch Sunday and I need to know how to a fabulous Bloody Mary. And a nice seafood quiche. Help!

  11. housecat

    Calm down, people. All CF did was ask a fucking question. That’s it. Did the world stop turning in its axis? No. It’s just a question. A public official should be more than grown-up enough to answer it (however he may choose to). Politics is a dirty biz, and if you can’t take the punches, don’t get in the goddamn ring.

  12. anon

    Boiler and Tank company? Priceless.

  13. WeloveJill

    The Kendall Boiler and Tank Company Building is or was for sale. Maybe the Mrs. got some spoils from the proceeds that help to pay off the new house loan. Here’s a pic complete with for sale sign:

    56/365: kendall boiler and tank

    • Anonymous

      How does Mrs Tesei’s family money matter at all? When one gets a mortgage, one must qualify to repay that mortgage with funds derived from their personal resources. If a family provides income, they must sign on to the loan. If Mrs Tesei’s family has money, it is more likely than not that those dollars would be used to have more cash in the deal. Since the mortgage is a million dollars, the Tesei’s themselves alone must make income to support it. This is the law

      • anon

        Jill likely derives regular unearned income from holdings or trusts payable to her from assets which originated from her family. It’s not like her mamma is mailing her cash in an envelope. Geesh.

  14. Anonymous Citizenette

    I’m a NY’er and don’t know anything about this guy, but he’s very tan (boating?) and looks like a mob guy. He’s sure living large – can he give us any tips on stretching a dollar?

  15. Once

    I may not agree with Tesei on several issues but I never thought of him as unethical.

    • And so it doesn’t matter to you whether he received financial help from a land developer? Again (and again!) I’m not saying that he did, but if it matters to you where he got the money, then someone should ask him. Which is what I did, much to the consternation of his many fans here in town.

      • Anonymous

        You went medieval on Tesei because you believed he was accusing you of culpability in the tragic teen suicide.

        I do not know Tesei’s intention but it seems to me that his comments were not remotely directed at you. First you do not post anonymously, you stand by your comments. Second I did not see any hateful comments by any anonymous poster on this blog regarding the suicide, actually I read many sympathetic comments sharing some grief and frustration at the situation.

        Subsequently it has been made clear that if Mrs Tesei receives even a moderate salary in the range $80-100k, then the family can make ends meet. This ignores any family money.

        So why are you still pursuing this, are you are still mad because you believe he falsely accused you, or do you still not believe that the Tesei family can pay their mortgage with their combined incomes, or both?

        Seems like this issue should be laid to rest.

        • t

          Why is it fun to watch a train wreck?

          Tesei was using the backdoor to answer Paulmenos charge that he used anonymous writer/commenters to smear and derail her campaign.

          Tesei is a dick for saying what he said re anonymous commenters

          Fountain is a dick for the Buck v Bell Holmes quote maligning 5 generations of Tesei’s

          I’m a dick for using Buck vs Bell on the Fountain clan

          CF is like the christlike lamb that sheds his blood whilst teetering on the precipice of the abyss, and some of us are screaming -Jump!!! Jump!!!

          At least I am, anyway.

  16. t

    FWIW is the best entertainment/ learning experience on the whole f’n web.
    Keep em coming Dude!