Sales activity

Sale and a price cut

9 Dingletown Rd

9 Dingletown Rd

9 Dingletown Road sold for $4.625 million. I suspect the sellers were disappointed with the price they got because they paid $4.3 million for it new in 2004 and put more money in, including a pool, landscaping and various interior improvements. They relisted it for $6.250 million in 2009 and if that was anywhere close to what they hoped to get, then $4.625 was quite a comedown.

1 Reynwood Manor

1 Reynwood Manor

One Reynwood Manor has taken another price cut and is now down to $3.9 million from its starting price of $4.5. Four acres and a 1981 house that, if someone still shares the taste of these owners, will be an asset. Otherwise, it’s four good acres of lawn. And a pool.


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5 responses to “Sales activity

  1. AJ

    Ooh, I like the red room. Does it come with Victorian hussies?

  2. InfoDiva

    What does it mean when there are no exterior pics of the house?
    And who is the guy in the green jacket over the fireplace in the den?

    • No pictures of the exterior means too hideous to show, usually. And the guy in the green jacket is either a Masters winner or, more likely, given the owner of this place, a used car salesman, NTTAWWT – just ask Malcolm Pray – oops! Too late.

  3. Stanwich

    Please note the enormous wood encased mitsubishi tv in the family room, probably circa 1990. I hope that comes with the house.

    The Dingletown house is very nice, even if it might be viewed as a “period piece” in a few years. I think the sloped lot in the shadow of that behemoth on the corner of North and Dingletown is an issue.

  4. anon

    Car dealer. Crabtree. Stanwich Club green blazer.