Two contracts, one price cut

Havemeyer’s low end is still smoking; Round Hill land, not so much.

36 Old Wagon

36 Old Wagon

36 Old Wagon, $849,000, nine days on market.

10 Edward Place

10 Edward Place

10 Edward Place, $799,000, 18 DOM

434 Round Hill Rd

434 Round Hill Rd

434 Round hill Road, 7.8 acres of gorgeous land, with tear-down, just dropped from $7 million to $5.795. Call me crazy, but I’m having difficulty seeing all that much difference between this land and the land at 558 Round Hill Road, also 8 acres, also a $2.2 assessment, also swooping meadows, which sold last month for $3.5 million. Let’s see if the market can.


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11 responses to “Two contracts, one price cut

  1. Yardbird

    Old wagon needs some work.
    But on a 1/2 acre…a builder can bulldoze, throw up a Pre fab for 700k more
    And get 2 million next spring?

    What’s Havemeyer parks’ high water mark?

  2. Toonces

    I bet builder can throw up a prefab for less than that.
    Chris – the difference is 1.2 miles. Maybe that’s worth a few hundred thousand….

  3. AJ

    Wow, 8 acres on Round Hill Road for $3.5 million? You mean I could live on an estate on Round Hill Road for less than it would cost to live on a vegetable garden size patch on West End Avenue?

  4. The more expensive Round Hill property has “vistas to [sic] Long Island Sound.” The cheaper one has “potential” views of Long Island Sound, which means trying to cut down trees in Greenwich, CT, which means no views of Long Island Sound.

    • Anonymous

      True, however 434 has its own drawbacks:

      1) No Round Hill frontage

      2) Shared driveway with 432 (With entrance pillars 432 on them) confusing to first time guests

      3) Lost acreage w/ shared long driveway and a small portion in front of home that is basically useless

      4) 432 is also for sale for less $$ with no bites

      5) The key issue is, that it is still overpriced minus these issues and a couple of other items

      However, overall it is a fantastic property!

  5. G-Girl

    You obviously have never known anyone in Havemeyer? Havemeyer is super wet! There are natural springs, underground rivers all over the place — almost everyone I know in the area has sump pumps in their basement!

  6. Midcountry


    Speaking of storms, can you please ask your readers for comments on Greenwich being redlined for insurance purposes. My understanding is that insurance companies will not write a homeowners policy in most or all of Greenwich without a mandatory deductible of 2% of the limit of coverage under the policy for category 1 hurricanes. So if your teardown costs a million to replace and a tree falls on the house in a hurricane, you are responsible for the first $20,000 of loss.
    Any suggestions on how to get better hurricane coverage in Greenwich?

  7. joan kearney

    fyi- Havemeyer still smoking!

  8. Anonymous

    Have-a-million! Place is on fire (riverside and OG are hot: South Po and NoPo). I thought 10 Edward had been on the mkt before? Back garden is a Hill! Perhaps it was just on the rental market…not sure.

    G-Girl we live in Riverside and have 2 sump pumps!

  9. Anonymous

    434 is owned by a real estate agent and her husband.

  10. NoPo vs Havemeyer

    Will the Havemeyer boom spill over to North Mianus NoPo? There are so many splits and raised ranches begging to get knocked down on streets like Florence, Mary and such. There are some capes that look pretty similar to Havemeyer in NoPo that simply dont trade as high. Is it the “OG” address?