Isn’t it against the law to threaten someone?

Buick City Plant, Flint, MI

Buick City Plant, Flint, MI

UAW moves to unionize southern auto plants. “We’ll do to you what we did to Detroit” doesn’t seem like much of a deal, but if the UAW is serious, its leaders should be arrested for making terrorist threats.


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  1. Atticus

    Not really. It’s “card check”, meaning coercion and no secret ballot. VW can demand a secret ballot election, but their board is full of union people. If they go UAW, you can expect a repeat of their PA failure.

    Superlative video, should be in evry classroom:

  2. Dollar Bill

    Unions didn’t destroy Detroit. Free trade deals and corporate giveaways did. If the state of Michigan is in such dire straits, why is Republican governor Snyder offering up millions and millions in deficit-expanding corporate tax cuts, and raising taxes on low income families? Why is the state spending billions in corporate subsidies for professional football stadiums? If anything, Detroit is the mecca of corporate welfare, as this article makes clear.

    So don’t buy this right wing Randian claptrap that unions — which fought to give us the 8 hour day, the 5-day work week, and hosts of worker protections throughout our history — are the bad guys here. It is corporate malfeasance that brought down Detroit, not unions.

  3. Toonces

    Dear $Bill: Can you tell me how long Detroit has been run by Democrat Mayors?

    • Cos Cobber

      Meanwhile I bet 1/3rd or more of those UAW employees drive a non union car or their spouse does.

      In any event, whenever labor costs increase, automation is likely to expand.