Activity, or not

Results of a February bidding war and two more price cuts.

8 Dearfild

8 Dearfield

8 Dearfield Drive, cheek by jowl to the commercial zone, asked $1.195 last February and promptly entered a bidding war. It closed just now, at $1.4 million.

39 Hearthstone

39 Hearthstone

39 Hearthstone, on the other hand, has cut its price to $1.795 just 59 days after starting off at $1.950 million. It sold for $1.450 in 2009 and when it first came on this time I questioned whether it could really fetch such a premium price for some fairly modest improvements. Guess not.

12 S. Baldwin

12 S. Baldwin

And back with yet another broker and a brand new price, 12 S. Baldwin Farms is now looking for $5.295 million.

Jay Silver assembled this spec home in 2007 and priced it at $12.495. That proved to be the wrong price for this French Chateau/farm house/American Eclectic style (the “Dog’s Breakfast Model”, I’d call it) and its price dropped down to $8.995 in 2008, when Patriot Bank started a foreclosure suit. The bank eventually prevailed and brought the house back on in 2011 for $7.499. That price was no more popular than Mr. Silver’s suggested retail so now, another broker, another price.

At $2.975, you might have a deal.


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4 responses to “Activity, or not

  1. Jonathan

    Re: that listing on Hearthstone, there were a lot of first time (and only time?) posters in that first thread that were overly optimistic (or defensive?) on that home at that original asking price. Oh where oh where are you now “Riverside Mom of 3”?

  2. CEA

    Every time I drove by that Dearfield House, I wondered when it was going to fall into the ground. THere’s been no maintenance on that place in years. I think it has been a dotor’s office, and maybe some enterprising business person will split it up into medical suites.

    Chris – have you ever thought about re-visiting your “abandoned houses” post? THe one about houses that were bought but never built on? There was one on Dewart Road. There is a vacant yellow house on corner of Parsonage and Lake that has not been lived in, or rented out, for 15 years or more. It’s maintained (barely; there’s a fallen tree in the yard now), and I’ve never understood why people hold onto things and pay taxes, etc. rather than move on.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Chris What is the story around the corner at 86 Lockwood Road… All work has stopped and I am hearing rumors…