Heck of a job, Barry, II


This puts them exactly where we want them!

This puts them exactly where we want them!

Obama waives prohibition against providing arms to Syrian terrorists.

Janes Report: Nearly half of all Syrian rebels Al-Qaeda or hard-line Islamists.


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8 responses to “Heck of a job, Barry, II

  1. Anonymous

    don’t know how to post this as a pic, so here’s the link:

  2. Anonymous

    Barry Soetoro sends arms to al-Qaeda in Syria and Section 1021 of NDAA says he must be arrested and detained indefinitely.

    Calling Eric Holder. Calling the FBI. And where’s that big tough man, Janet Napolitano, who runs DHS?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Napolitano, no relation to Judge Andrew, is now President of the University of California. Did s/he see a clusterf_ck on the horizon?

  3. Balzac

    Today’s WSJ has an article about the head-spinning chaos that is Obama’s Syria policy. In the article, Defense Secretary Hagel is quoted saying something like, “Our policy must not consist of swinging from vine to vine…….” Holy crap, doesn’t he realize that one cannot use monkey metaphors for Obama? If any other Republican used this vocabulary, the defenders of tolerance and comity such as Al Sharpton would kick his ass in two minutes…….

  4. Cobra

    Why is it that Hagel looks perpetually confused? Could it be that, in fact, he is?