Things fall apart; The centre will not hold


Vladimir will save us!

Vladimir will save us!

Vermin infestation in White House

Possum infestation evicts Australia’s PM


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5 responses to “Things fall apart; The centre will not hold

  1. Ann Arkist

    Chicken and rib bones, roaches love ’em.

    • housecat

      Yep. No need for the big scary gun here. The sight of that naked chest should be enough to put any mammal within a 100yd radius into full cardiac arrest.

  2. Balzac

    Liberals are uncomfortable with America’s strength. They are very uncomfortable with US military strength, and they seek to make the military essentially unusable as a tool of foreign policy. As Obama planned a response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons, he concluded his case for a firm response would be stronger with the support of Congress. But the Congress is opposed, especially its liberal Democrat wing.

    Obama is a bit surprised that the libs have made the use of the military off-limits for him. “Off-limits for those evil Bush and Cheney, well that’s what I campaigned on, but off-limits for me, gee, I’m puzzled…” Obama once again failed at leadership, since he was dramatically out of step with the policy preferences of his own party.

    Thereby leaving open the opportunity for Putin to throw Obama a lifeline: “Don’t use your military. Put your foreign policy in my hands… my client Assad will stay in power, while I continue Russian military supply of his regime…..” There’s no way Obama will strike Assad now. Since we don’t supply the Syrian rebels with heavy weapons, they will slowly be crushed. Obama and the liberal media will refocus on their favorite topic, income inequality. The results of Obama’s foreign policy will be to prolong the Assad dictatorship. He has led America to exactly the outcome we wanted to avoid.

    Epic incompetence.