Well then how do they know guns should be banned?

Mayor Mike and his six armed bodyguards arrive at Mayors Against Guns press conference

Mayor Mike and his six armed bodyguards arrive at Mayors Against Guns press conference

The editors of Michaels Bloomberg’s News despair at rural rednecks’ recall of “sensible” Coloradoan politicians over gun confiscation laws they pushed through, and blames to result on the lack of data detailing the ill effects of guns.

Gun reform advocates …  lack a sufficient body of research on the relationship between guns and public safety. This makes it more difficult to articulate a compelling case.

The paucity of research is no accident. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government researchers have been thwarted by a heavy-handed legislative directive that prohibits funding to “advocate or promote gun control.” President Barack Obama has sought to mitigate the damage through executive action, but it’s Congress that controls the nation’s purse.

Research won’t resolve the rural versus urban or individualism versus communitarian conflicts that predate the republic. But it will put the old debates on newer, more solid ground. Given the deep animosity of the National Rifle Association to credible research, proponents of sensible gun regulation can distinguish themselves by pushing for more and better research on the health and safety effects of guns.

Let the research show what it will. And then fashion the arguments accordingly.

These genius “journalists” fashioned their argument against guns long ago; now they admit they don’t have the data to support their argument? Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.

Put another way, wise eastern liberals already “know” that guns in the hands of civilians are too dangerous to be tolerated, they just some need some data to support what they have already intuited. Because, you know, liberals are sensible and nuanced.


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  1. I was out there last week…you should hear what the alleged “red necks” call the cliff dwelling tree huggers who are experts at everything……
    BTW Democrats voted overwhelmingly to give these two the muffler view…..

  2. AJ

    Here’s the video of the event that your photo shows:

  3. AJ

    ‘The Man In Charge Of The NSA Modeled His Office After The Bridge Of The Starship Enterprise’

    “Privacy: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the NSA, as it enters every computer and pries whatever data can be stolen and recorded in perpetuity. Its ongoing mission: to explore the internet and all TCP/Ipackets, to seek out new emails, phone records, backdoors, webcams and bank accounts, to boldly go where no man with or without a search warrant has gone before.
    “‘Everybody wanted to sit in the chair at least once to pretend he was Jean-Luc Picard,’ says a retired officer in charge of VIP visits.”

    Alexander wowed members of Congress with his eye-popping command center. And he took time to sit with them in their offices and explain the intricacies of modern technology in simple, plain-spoken language. He demonstrated a command of the subject without intimidating those who had none.

    Today, courtesy of the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, who tracked down the layout of said Information Dominance Center to designs prepared by DBI Architects who supposedly were in charge of creating the General’s work environs, we now have a glimpse of just how Star Trekishly the megalomaniac intercepting all US and global electronic communications and financial transactions thought of himself.

    From Greenwald:

    It’s a 10,740 square foot labyrinth in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The brochure touts how “the prominently positioned chair provides the commanding officer an uninterrupted field of vision to a 22′-0″ wide projection screen”: ….”


    Includes lots of photos.

  4. Anonymous

    In what is Standard Operating Procedure for the anti-gun cabal, the following information was removed from the page on Bloomie’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

    Marzullo, Fudrucker, and Tesei want Greenwich to join an organization whose membership includes such notables as Drew’s buddy James Schiliro.

    Some members of MAIG have been convicted of crimes. They include:
    Baltimore, Maryland – Mayor Sheila Dixon
    Hartford, Connecticut – Mayor Eddie Perez
    Racine, Wisconsin – Mayor Gary Becker
    East Haven, Connecticut – Mayor April Capone Almon
    Detroit, Michigan – Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
    Guttenberg, New Jersey – Mayor David Delle Donna
    Jackson, Mississippi – Mayor Frank Melton
    Passaic, New Jersey – Mayor Samuel Rivera
    Austin, Texas – Mayor Will Wynn
    Jersey City, New Jersey – Mayor Jerremiah Healy
    Birmingham, Alabama – Mayor Larry Langford
    Inglewood, California – Mayor Roosevelt F. Dorn
    White Plains, New York – Mayor Adam Bradley
    Port St. Lucie, Florida – Mayor Patricia Christensen
    Hamilton, New Jersey – Mayor John Bencivengo
    Brownsville, Texas – Mayor Pat Ahumada
    Monticello, New York – Mayor Gordon Jenkins

    Never mentioned in the Wiki article was the fact that there are charges pending again at least seven other members of their “crime fighting” organization:

    Marcus Hook Mayor James ‘Jay’ Schiliro. (The “furnishing alcohol to a minor” charge was just dropped on a technicality, but he still faces misdemeanor charges of official oppression, recklessly endangering another person, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment, in a bizarre incident where he tried to force a young man to have homosexual relations, at gunpoint.)
    Trenton Mayor Tony Mack
    Spring Valley, New York Mayor Noramie Jasmin
    Coaldale Mayor Richard P. Corkery (Still no formal charges, after two years!)
    Gainesville Mayor Craig Lowe
    West New York Mayor Felix Roque
    Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins

    And a couple more have left office without formal charges:
    San Diego Mayor Bob “Filthy” Fillner
    Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello

    And then there are those who have shamelessly refused to leave office, despite clear proof of criminal and unethical behavior:
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
    Portland Mayor Sam Adams
    East Orange Mayor Robert Bowser

    …among others.

  5. Cobra

    Gleaned from a credible and authoritative source is this: