$50 million price cut from Ogilvy

Stormy Weather ....

Stormy Weather ….

499 Indian Field Road, which made headlines around the world when it was listed a few months ago for $190 million has, as predicted here, taken the first of what will probably be many price cuts. Today, that same property can be yours for the bargain price of just $140 million. Also as predicted here, the same reporters who gave Ogilvy such great press originally will not be around to report on this or subsequent price cuts. Smart man, that Ogilvy and a master at garnering free publicity.

I’m still holding to my prediction of $45 million, tops.

Stormy Circle

Stormy Circle

Further down the price scale and across the street from the water, 7 Stormy Circle (I kid you not) reports an accepted offer. It asked $1.680 in 2004 and didn’t get it. Owner brought it back at $1.095 this year and found a buyer.


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7 responses to “$50 million price cut from Ogilvy

  1. Anonymous

    Stormy Circle is one ugly house… It’s funny how the pictures appear to be taken with a storm rapidly approaching…

  2. wow! Stormy Circle is a wonderful example of “take no prisoners” modern design. that zig-zag glass block wall has to be featured in a few Houzz.com idea books.

  3. Jonathan

    Stormy Circle no doubt takes its name from the winds generated from the tractor trailers on I95??

  4. Anonymous

    Does Stormy Circle come with a Don Johnson-autographed CD of the theme from Miami Vice and a few kilos of coke?

  5. Cobra

    Stormy Circle architect was Carlos Orestes Franzoni.

  6. anon

    Is that the largest price cut ever at one time in residential real estate?

    • It is, and as predicted. His (and the Greenwich real estate industry’s) biggest one-time cut was the $40 million slashed off his Helmsley estate, so this one is tops. Helmsley’s still holds the title for largest accumulative cut: $90 million, but I’m confident this one will eventually topple that record.