Folklore on katydids may be closer to the mark than I thought last week

Forestalling winter

Forestalling winter

Temperature in the mid-to high 30s tonight, with patches of frost in the northern counties. Just last Thursday I was complaining that the folklore that called for frost six weeks after hearing the fist katydid was a bust: that day should have arrived Saturday, the 13th, when temperatures never dipped below 59 degrees.

But, even acknowledging that the 17th of September is not the 13th, and upper Fairfield county is not Greenwich, the little buggers may not have been so far off after all.

(off to open houses – back in a few hours)


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3 responses to “Folklore on katydids may be closer to the mark than I thought last week

  1. Toonces

    Icky picture Chris! Is he eating those bugs?

  2. Greenwich Resident

    It’s now time to start transitioning those houseplants put outside for the summer, regardless of what the katydids told us back on the 13th. Although I’m sure the meteorologists couldn’t have done a better job of predicting the temperatures than those little buggers. Beware of hitchhikers that might travel back into your house via the plants. For those concerned about using pesticides, you may want to try a Neem Oil dilution to spray your plants.