He’s punishing me for my politics, the bastard!

Happy Winner, Drew Marzullo

Happy (disguised)  Winner, Drew Marzullo

Captain Keno, my own business partner, has let an Old Greenwich resident win a $2 million scratch-and-sniff lotto card.  This is just sooo cruel.


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10 responses to “He’s punishing me for my politics, the bastard!

    • The vendor always gets a bonus based on amount of winning ticket amount. Didn’t know it was that high, but I imagine that keeps the vendors continuing to be willing to put up with the nuisance of selling the damn things.

  1. sound beacher

    Isn’t that station really a BP station now? There is not a single Getty sign there, why do they not know it’s a BP station?

  2. anon

    I won! I won!

  3. FF

    The GT got it wrong, its $25,000 not 250K. As far as my Masarati, you’re just jealous. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.