Mission creep

The Newtown Action Alliance, an amalgamation of anti-gun activists named after the Sandy Hook massacre, is off to Washington to protest Florida’s “stand your ground” law and the latest shooting in Washington.

The entire country was horrified and sickened by the murders in Newtown last year, but like so many tragedies – or even illnesses: see, “The March of Dimes”, founded to eliminate polio – the organization formed in its aftermath is now stuck looking for something new to justify its existence. A street quarrel in Florida between two men is not Sandy Hook (nor did it have anything to do with that state’s “stand-your-ground” law, which was never even raised as a defense), and a navy reservist stealing a rifle from a gun safe in Navy headquarters, a guarded, “secure” location, is even farther removed from what happened in Newtown that day.

By politicizing yesterday’s shootings and exploiting the names of those dead children to fund their anti-gun lobbying, the people behind the “Newtown” Alliance forfeit any transfer of sympathy that might otherwise flow from the grieving parents of Sandy Hook children to national advocates using their pain.


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8 responses to “Mission creep

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Newtown Alliance sure looks an awful lot like a fully owned subsidiary of MAIG

  2. Well said….add in are you aware of PC Clinton action that forbids servicemen & women from carrying on base/US deployment sites ?

  3. Anonymous

    Clueless zealots with nothing better to do – a bus tour.

    Same submissive sheep who surrendered their Fourth Amendment rights in Watertown, MA during the Tsarnaev hunt.

  4. Atticus

    Spot on. The DC massacre proves – once again – the inanity of gun control advocates, the more their way is proven wrong, the more they press for more of the same.

    See also, global warming, err, weather change

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Albert Einstein is reputed to have said that doing the same thing over and over, while always expecting a different result is indicative of insanity.

      I think it’s more indicative of terminal stupidity.

  5. Cobra

    (As also commented on Brother Gideon’s blog) Authorities now indicate that while he entered the base with only a shotgun (remember Joe Bite Me’s post-Newtown advice to “buy a shotgun…buy a shotgun”), “surveillance footage showed that he began his attack with a shotgun, but was found with a 9mm pistol and an AR-15 assault rifle. The suspected gunman appeared to have seized firearms from two of his (base security) victims as he moved through the building…”