Propane does that

305 Webbs Hill Road Before

305 Webbs Hill Road Before



House on 305 Webbs Hill Road (off of Long Ridge Road, in Stamford) goes up in smoke and flames. Propane’s great stuff but at least anecdotally, it seems to mysteriously blow up every now and then and when it does, the house it serves goes with it.

One bright note: 305 Webbs Hill is quite close to the Lakeside Diner, home of the best donuts in perhaps the entire tristate area, so the attending cops and firemen are in good hands.

STAMFORD — A major explosion in North Stamford has ignited several houses in the area of Webbs Hill Road.

The initial call came in at 305 Webbs Hill Road, but at least two other houses in the area have been reported on fire.

All volunteer firefighters have been called along with water tankers from New Canaan and Pound Ridge, N.Y.

Initial reports from the scene indicate that a propane tank may have exploded completely destroying the house at 305 Webbs Hill Road. A house at 233 Dogwood Lane has also been reported fully engulfed and collapsed.


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14 responses to “Propane does that

  1. Cos Cobber

    And in other explosive news today, Captain Keno doles out another winning ticket. The winner is unnamed, could it be Brandon Lacoff and his powerful lotto focused hedge fund again?

    • Ooh – you know, I just heard yet another report that it was Tom Gladstone who won that lottery so long ago. Whoever told me that was insistent that he had personal knowledge and I must say, given the longevity of the rumor and the failure of Lacoff and his pals to ever begin spending “their” winnings, I tend to believe it.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! I was driving down Long Ridge this afternoon when I was passed by about 5 fire trucks! I knew something bad happened. I hope no one was home or got hurt.

  3. Anon58

    Wanna bet that at some point some department (State or Federal) related to “homeland security” will be brought into this just to “make sure” it wasn’t an act of terrorism?

  4. Anonymous

    Any idea of exactly what happened? I was up in that area this afternoon off of Long Ridge and saw all the po po and tv crews, etc.

    And yes, Lakeside Diner has the best donuts around. I believe I mentioned that in a post on your blog some time ago, pointing out to this site’s fair readers.

  5. Publius

    I believe that the legal opinion from that Stamford law firm RE Greenwich BOE request was in the house at 305 Webbs Hill Road where that law firm associate lives…. The explosion was a distraction….

  6. Arnie the Cat

    How do the donuts at Lakeside compare to the home made donuts at the deli on the corner by the RR tressel in Old Greenwich – Arcuri’s, I think.

  7. Anonymous

    Ano58 – the feds who would be looking at that would be DEA not for terrorism- Meth labs like to go Boom!!!

  8. Anonymous

    I’d like to know who services (or rather, serviced) that propane. Note to self: don’t use the same company who serviced that house…..