Sale reported, (limited) open house report


140 Indian Head (representative)

140 Indian Head (representative)

140 Indian Head, Riverside, has sold for $11.9 million, which I’m sure is the all-time record for non-waterfront property in Riverside. It’s a spectacular home, custom built for the sellers by Doran Sabag (Sound Beach Partners), I’m not really surprised by this price. But it’s a lot of money.

I didn’t get to that many broker open houses today – the ones I wanted to see were pretty spread out, but two I thought were of particular interest were 41 Baldwin Farms South and 363 North Street.

41 Baldwin Farms So.41 Baldwin Farms, $4.995 million, surprised me because I’m not a great fan of the French provincial (? Frenchy, anyway) look, but it’s a beautiful home, on great land that abuts the pond running along this road. Open the front door and step into the foyer and even a complete hermit like myself can see its potential for entertaining: the house just invites you in. High ceilings, easy flow, immaculate condition, everything is here. If one insisted on redoing the kitchen, which is in perfect shape, so why bother?, the layout’s there, so you could buy new cabinets and appliance if so inclined. Again, entirely unnecessary. If there’s an objection to the layout itself, it would be the location of the master bedroom on the first floor. For some buyers that’s a turnoff, for others a plus. Your call, but I’ll mention that there’s a newer (1999) addition above the three car garage that presently serves as an exercise room ; with its full bath and separate stair it would be a great nanny suite, and if she’s upstairs dealing with your future New Lebanon students you can be a floor away, happy and contented.

363 North Street

363 North Street

I did expect to like 363 North Street, and I wasn’t disappointed. I mentioned this a day or so ago because it had just been returned to the market after an 18 month renovation and I was curious to see what the owners had done. Just about everything, it turns out, from new wiring, new crown moldings, walls moved, radiant heat installed in many rooms, new baths, new flooring, restored flooring, paint, custom panelling, new kitchen, and on and on and on. New price, too, $5.295 million instead of the old, unsuccessful, pre-renovation price of $3.495. I think the new price is closer to its current value now than the old one was then. Nice house.


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18 responses to “Sale reported, (limited) open house report

  1. Anonymous

    Any comment on 19 Hidden Brook (also a Doran Sabag project) sold before completion) for 5.3 mm?

  2. Skip

    Doron Sebag and Jim Hoffman. Don’t forget Jim Hoffman.

  3. petting zoo

    it was more than 5.3mm……

  4. Anonymous

    Any details on the house being built at 19 hidden brook? Is there a listing?

  5. Skip

    Who? Jim Hoffman, that’s who. Doron Sabag’s life partner and business partner. Jim Hoffman. He deserves just as much credit and recognition as Doron Sabag does. Don’t forget him.

  6. Anonymous

    what is a palladium window?

  7. Anonymous

    363 North looks great inside, a good combo of new and old.

  8. Anonymous

    Doron and Jim built a special house (as usual) and delivered 100% on their word. Rare and special in this biz.

  9. Anonymous

    You are so right- 363 North Street is beautiful. Need to get the right buyer though- many of the young buyers don’t appreciate the vintage homes. I thought it was a home run!

  10. Anonymous

    Don’t forget Che Guevara. He built beautiful t-shirts.