So where is the legal opinion on racial redistricting that we paid for?

No, you can't see it

No, you can’t see it

On June 26th, 2013, our School Board retained a Stamford law firm to research and opine on the vulnerability of Hartford’s racial redistricting law to a constitutional challenge. That research was estimated to take no more than ten hours. Having once suffered the indignity of working as a law firm associate, I can practically guarantee that the associate assigned this task did not stuff it in a desk drawer while she decamped to the Vineyard for the summer, so the opinion is done.

Where is it? Given the BOE’s stated disinclination to challenge this law, it’s a fair assumption that, had the legal opinion advised against it, we’d have heard about it by now. My suspicion is that it’s Dr. McKersie who’s stashed it in his desk, in the hope that we’ll forget about it.

I haven’t. I asked where it was at a public BOE meeting last month and it’s probably time to do so again.


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7 responses to “So where is the legal opinion on racial redistricting that we paid for?

  1. Can you make it to Cos Cob presentation tonight ?
    Park etc., etc., ……including above….

  2. RTM member

    Obviously the Superintendent does not want to reveal its findings. May I remind
    him that tax payer money funded this. May I also suggest he stop sending out letters and start directly answering questions. He should be open and honest!

  3. Once

    Meeting for Realtors about this on Sept 25th. Don’t know where.

  4. Anonymous

    CF….keep the peddle to the meddle on this because I think this is the central to knowing which direction this Town takes. I don’t understand why parents are not outraged and highlighting the lack of response by the Administration?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure parents will bring this up again at the next meeting now that Anderson has put redistricting (both elementary and middle schools) back on the table.

      In other (related) news, did you catch the updated residency verification numbers in the Greenwich Time online today? There’s still time for folks to submit the necessary proof, but some of those numbers are quite high still…

      • 600 or so students unverified, 27% (or something like that) at Ham Ave. I would think most of that’s attributable to laziness, bewilderment, difficulty in getting to the school during working hours etc., but it will be interesting to see the final tally. For years, the BOE’s been assuring us that “at most” one or two students might be attending here illegally. They’re not off to a great start in proving that.

  5. 3Generarions

    Why are they not verifying middle and high school kids? Greenwich is currently running this residency verification, it might as well do a complete and thorough job. Just think, If ham ave comes in at 15-20% it would be fair to assume there’s also plenty of out of towers in western and the high school.