The Republican old guard panics: reminds me of Greenwich’s own set of clowns


That's just not done!

Deer in the headlights

David Brooks goes ballistic on Cruz, including “birther” charges. 

“What’s going on in theHouse and a bit in the Senate, too, is what you might call the rise of Ted Cruz-ism,” Brooks said. “And Ted Cruz, the senator from Canada through Texas, is basically not a legislator in the normal sense, doesn’t have an idea that he’s going to Congress to create coalitions, make alliances, and he is going to pass a lot of legislation. He’s going in more as a media-protest person. And a lot of the House Republicans are in the same mode. They’re not normal members of Congress. They’re not legislators. They want to stop things. And so they’re just being — they just want to obstruct.”

Can’t we all just go along?


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4 responses to “The Republican old guard panics: reminds me of Greenwich’s own set of clowns

  1. Inagua

    Of course the intelligent members of Congress want to obstruct bad bills, which is mostly what Congress passes. Who thinks repealing Glass-Steagal worked out well? Who thinks the Community Reinvestment Act and all its progeny that promoted mortgages for people who couldn’t pay worked out well? TARP? Stimulus? Bank bailouts? Auto bailouts? Cash for Clunkers? HAMP? Obamacare?

    This string of bad leglislation must stop if the economy is ever going to have a chance of recovery.

  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely hilarious from the faux-conservative poofter with well creased pants.

    “On PBS’s “NewsHour” on Friday night, New York Times columnist David Brooks warned that Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and similar legislators’ rise to prominence threatens the traditional Republican Party.”

    – That’s the point dumbass.

    Brooks hypothesized the reason the leadership in the House and Senate is unable to control the so-called Ted Cruz-ism movement is that members of it have become uninterested in any of the perks that the leadership has to offer….

    …the leadership’s inability to force any discipline. That’s partly because a lot of these people just are not interested in the committee assignments, the normal leverage the leadership has, in part because the earmarks are gone, some of the spending favors.”

    – Or: Bribes don’t work and they don’t establishment threats seriously. Good for the country bad for the establishment.

  3. Once

    Since when is enacting legislation a cure all? I want more obstructionist. Every time a bill is passed it cost us more money.