They don’t even pretend to tell the truth anymore

Daily News details all the evils of the AR-15 used in yesterdays’s Naval Yards shooting. Neglects to mention that the FBI says no such weapon was used. The point for these liars is to get the narrative out, nothing else. The Daily News thus joins MSNBC, the “Newtown Alliance” and hundreds of other professional prevaricators in sacrificing integrity for propaganda.



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  1. pulled up in OG

    Ditto – “A house at 233 Dogwood Lane has also been reported fully engulfed and collapsed.”

  2. AJ

    The D.C. Massacre:

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Yet they wonder why their readership and circulation is graveyard spiral.

    I believe that when the People finally do wake up from the awful national nightmare that is the Obamaphate, the pander media will finally collapse from the weight of their own lies.

  4. Out of state folk can’t buy rifles down here. Sorry.

  5. Mark B.

    Hopefully somebody in the media will mention that this new revelation about the shotgun makes an important point – it ain’t the weapon, and it never was; it’s the man, the sicko.
    Only one thing can make a firearm an assault weapon – it needs to be attached to an assailant.

    • Over at National Review, they observe that CNN’s Piers Morgan, who last night was foaming at the mouth over the weapon being an AR-15, is now saying, “the type of rifle doesn’t ammeter”. But that’s not because he sees your point; he was just embarrassed to be caught out at his error.

  6. Anonymous Citizenette

    In the past, our politicians and the media were so inconvenienced by having to twist the truth into pretzels trying to put one over on us. Then Obama came along and so many believe his low-down dirty lies, so why even pretend anymore.

  7. Anonymous

    They don’t even pretend to tell the truth anymore:

    Check out this revisionist history in a US History AP study guide. They summarize the 2nd Amendment as: “The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia,”

    Contrast with the actual 2nd Amendment:
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The book was authored by scumbag propagandists Dr. John Newman and Dr. John Schmalbach. Tar, feathers and a rope are too good for Newman and Schmalbach.

    Here’s the book:

  8. AJ

    ‘Caught: CNN Claims Navy Yard Shooter Had ‘AR15 Shotgun’’

    ‘After initial reports about an AR-15 rifle being used in the Navy Yard shooting were retracted Monday, CNN went on to continuously claim that the shooter’s shotgun was actually an “AR-15 shotgun.”’

    “While the facts of Monday’s horrific shooting were still coming in, political pundits wasted no time in exploiting the tragedy by immediately claiming an AR-15 rifle was responsible. Several media figures including CNN’s Piers Morgan began their usual calls for a ban on the rifle despite the fact that it is involved in less than 2.5% of murders and used responsibly by millions of Americans. After reports revealed that a shotgun was the primary weapon, CNN continued its demonization campaign by deceitfully labeling the shotgun as an “AR-15 shotgun.”

    The report comes after Anthony Gucciardi revealed that top voted CNN comments were already calling for a complete gun ban following the Navy Yard shooting.

    The caption not only presents a mythical weapon, but …”

    Read more: