54 Cathlow Drive, Riverside

View from 54 Cathlow Drive (Rat Island, background)

View from 54 Cathlow Drive (Rat Island, background)

$18.225  million if you want all 4.4 acres, or just $16 if you’ll settle for 3.72. I assume that means that you can pick up a building lot for $2.225 million, which, for Cathlow Drive, is a good deal – I’ll ask at its open house tomorrow.

Cathlow is a wonderful street off Indian Head with some great houses. I won’t pretend to know what this one will sell for, though my hunch is, “less”, but it’s a fabulous location.

UPDATE: Reader “Riverside” (pseudonym of Peter Tesei’s, presumably) points out that the building lot is the land on Highgate discussed here a bit earlier today). So it is.


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8 responses to “54 Cathlow Drive, Riverside

  1. Riverside

    I would be very surprised if there is a building lot for $2.2M. We shall see. This property has a great view, and it is a really nice house (though not what folks are building today), but it is on mud flats for a large part of the tidal cycle (and so is the dock), so certainly not “A” waterfront. Likely significantly overpriced.

  2. Riverside

    BTW, not overlooking Rat Island (they should be so lucky – that’s in the middle of Greenwich Cove). This is in the inlet outside the Cove – beyond the GIfford’s place – and looks across mud to Greenwich Point.

  3. Riverside

    Guessing the extra lot is the Harbor Point property on Highgate?

  4. Riverside

    Tesei ?!?

  5. Riverside

    I know 🙂