After Greenway’s $50 million cut, a mere $2 million doesn’t sound like much.

This one won't last!

This one won’t last!

Nonetheless, that’s what the owner of 918 North Street has shaved off his price, so what would have cost you $13.9 million yesterday can be yours today for $11.9 million. This property has been on the market since 2009, when it asked $16.9 million and so far, it’s proved to have the attractiveness of a junked Corolla. Perhaps this latest reduction will fix that.


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20 responses to “After Greenway’s $50 million cut, a mere $2 million doesn’t sound like much.

  1. CEA

    Was this a spec house? Have they been renting it out in the meantime, or do owners of some sort live there?

  2. EOSredux

    From the Camelot theme of the exterior and interior, I only see one potential buyer.

  3. Matt

    Is that house in Greenwich or Transylvania? As I flip through the pictures I keep thinking Frankenstein is going to pop his head out somewhere. Seriously, what kind of people want to live in places like this?

  4. Stanwich

    Wow, awful. No taste whatsoever. Can’t you buy the original estate on Reynwood Manor for around this much? Would much prefer the real deal over somebody else’s fantasyland play castle. This is the kind of thing our zoning laws should prohibit.

  5. Old Timer

    Isn’t this leftover Rosenstiel property that his family kept, until about 2006 or so, when the Crabtrees built a house there? So the Crabtrees had it for a couple of years, right?

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like a great place to film period-specific porn. Walt, are you listening? Location scout!

  7. housecat

    What’s with all the phony castle-themed houses near the Merritt? We’ve got this Transylvanian Tudor hybrid, the Disney Princess Castle (also on North), and the Medieval Fantasy ruin on Loch Lane. Is the Jersey mob fronting the construction company that built these things, or what?

    • Westchester or New Jersey builders, perhaps?

    • Cobra

      Not to mention Vlad the Impaler’s new abode on the west side of Lake Ave. just a couple of houses south of Clapboard Ridge Road.

      • housecat

        At least Vlad’s house comes with its own sentry house and electrified fence, though. The sight of decaying bodies on pikes might have annoyed the neighbors a bit, despite its general effectiveness as a riff-raff deterrent.

  8. Riverside

    This is owned by the Crabtree auto dealership family (they had it built for themselves). They have bought a big spread up at Stratton Vermont and have basically decamped there.